Since the media will be the soft text title writing skills

soft writing skills can be said to be able to find a lot of Baidu today to share with you is that I met in the soft text of a problem, but also to explore the main and soft Wen Title skills. Now do more and more from the media, but also hope that we can play the soft Wen some effect.


I wrote nine months a year of the blog, has always been in accordance with their own thinking to write, because I feel that I write the article is mainly to started my personal brand, the other is really not carefully done, every day is to write articles, articles.

wrote so long blog, and later I found that my blog traffic rose unhappy, I thought it was not well-known blog, and so on after the famous as well, it did not care. Slowly I found that I have written so long blog has ignored the importance of the title of the soft text.

in order to give you a better understanding of what I want to say, I wrote a few days ago, I wrote an article for example to tell you about. I wrote an article a few days ago called "Hongkong space can also be the site for the record", as follows:


read the above article you will find, I mainly want to highlight the Hongkong space can also be the site for the record. I have no title to write, it is according to their own ideas to write. However, why do we change the title? We use Baidu to search, such as: how to record the Hongkong space?


: or how to record the Hongkong space



further: Hongkong space need to record it?


: Hongkong space can record it?



the title of the article at the time of writing, can choose to use Baidu and Baidu drop-down box recommended are some words often search, and Baidu search, the picture is as follows:


since the media know to write a soft Wen is very not easy, even if the writing is not easy, then we have to play the most important role of soft wen. The title of an article, like the title of the site, I believe that understand SEO friends know its importance. If we use Baidu to choose the title of soft Wen, I believe that the flow of the site will certainly rise quickly.

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