For Baidu new station promotion method

website promotion, generally is the use of a variety of network tools and techniques, advertising for the site, so as to attract more users to know our website to browse our website, and ultimately the formation of a certain amount of business opportunities to. At present more often have some promotion tools and a lot of resources, but some of the traditional TV advertising, newspapers, radio and other offline advertising, promotion on the network include search engines, classification catalogues, site navigation, virus mail, related links and network advertisement content publicity platform BBS, blog etc..

currently, Baidu has become the world’s largest Chinese website. According to news reports, Baidu is currently in the search market share, the first in the country. At present Baidu used the tools and resources to promote a lot, usually including website submission, Links, Baidu space, Baidu post, Baidu, Baidu alliance and so on, now we have to introduce a variety of publicity and promotion channels operation:

(a) for Baidu’s simple SEO optimization

promotion tool: input target keywords / word / phrase, you can see the word in a certain period of the number of user queries input target keywords, you can view the relevant keywords heat page key density query

for a new station, Baidu spider in your site to extract information, always with the title and description of web page as the starting point, at the same time, Baidu included in the search results page is reflected in the title and description page, therefore, reasonable to add Web page title and description of the website is the key to improve for Baidu friendly,

1 Title: close to the page content and theme, extract the page theme related keywords appear in the page title, but not too much, try to keep within 20 words

2, Description: can be a number of pages of descriptive text, appropriate to add the contents of the page in the main push keywords.



SEO in one of the key ring, reasonable page keywords and keyword density, can greatly improve the Baidu website page collection of probability, how reasonable the site keywords layout: now we introduce several tips: SEO < /p>

1, of course, is the key words to fill in the page, select the theme of the web page as the key words of the page.

2 as much as possible to make the keywords you want to appear in the page title and description, pay attention to the right amount.

3 properly set the site content navigation bar at the top of the web page.