A5 financing briefing in 1, TinkLabs was the head of the 1 billion yuan financing for ten million fi

1 store treasure

investors: Kai Hui capital lead investment, strong capital and light capital with investment

investment amount: 10 million yuan

recently, store treasure was tens of millions of dollars A round of financing, led by Kai Hui capital investment, strong capital and light capital with investment. Small treasure is a pocket of customer management and communication manager, retail manager who helps to find accurate and effective customer preferences and pain points, and for consumers looking for a good and reliable good goods store.


2 elegant oral

Investor: Zhejiang win holding group

investment amount: 5 million yuan

Ya Royal mouth was completed in September 2016 5 million yuan seed round of financing, the current round of investment in Zhejiang to win the holding group. Ya Royal oral cavity is a professional medical institution which aims at the integration of oral health care investment management and oral whole industry chain integration.


3 bassoon plus


investment amount: 7 million 500 thousand yuan

is a big plus to help users improve the efficiency of team management tools. Through the use of large, users can view the rate of team members from the task system of the progress of work, from the CRM system to understand the business progress of sales personnel etc.. Recently, large and received 7 million 500 thousand yuan Angel round of financing, the investor is the three listed companies, has not disclosed the specific.


4 head 1 to 1

Investment: Huasheng capital

investment amount: RMB

K12, head of the 1 online counseling agencies in 1 announced a new round of hundreds of millions of yuan financing, the main investor is Huaxing capital owned by Huasheng capital. The head of one of the founder and CEO Zhang Yi said that this round of financing funds will be used for the direction of the two lines of cooperation and self construction, and began to layout to B business.


5.U-24 smart gym


of surplus capital investment.

investment amount: 4 million yuan

"U-24 smart Gym" announced to the media, the company has completed the Pre-A round of financing 4 million yuan, Zhi Ying capital investment led by. U-24 is a 24 hour self occupied gym, the concept of a 10 minute fitness circle, from the current has a treadmill, elliptical machines, as well as yoga and functional areas of the two devices, as well as strength training facilities.


6 zero summer

investors: Ze thick capital

investment amount: 10 million yuan