When the network marketing when the disaster caused by flooding water

what time is it? The technology age!

what time is it? The Internet age!

what is the era of network marketing era?

what time is it? The flood of information era!

what is the era of Internet marketing flooding era?

ask again, what is the era of WeChat / micro-blog era?

ask again, what is the era of network marketing and information are TM excess era!

when the network marketing spread, when information overload, it accentuates the ugliness of human nature.

When the

network marketing network marketing disaster caused by flooding water, is no longer the simple network marketing, but to deceive.

network marketing has become a lot of people by means of the success of the stem, stem sales have made the network marketing training class president. Especially after the rise of social media, micro master is rampant network. "The heart can not be less, the heart of the others have not" put the words in the network marketing industry today, becomes, "the heart has no harmful heart, not less". Why? Network marketing gurus will tell you, to share the mentality, to keep up with the times, the enterprise network must put down prevention mentality, to charge, to stand on the opponent’s head, always stepping on others, always one step faster than others.

is now the network marketing as a potential, as if to seize this potential can fly.

stood in the air, pigs can fly. That’s not the wind? The pig has to die. Do you want your business to be a dead pig,


when the network marketing disaster caused by flooding water even if your enterprise, with this trend, the end is standing still hit the circle.

I said, network marketing to the bottom of the flood, completely contrary to the nature of marketing. I really can’t see it anymore.

people say to me, not in this life but also to the young cynic.

this has nothing to do with young cynic if we follow this trend, and we really become dung.

should this be the case for life,


such as Liu Yimiao, Zhai Hongshen, known as the master, master of success, master of Sinology, marketing guru, and so the title of the master. They are for the sake of life, but the way to make money is to poison others to fulfill their own, so that life is right?. If these people are rampant in society, when everyone is blowing, it is a social tragedy.

You have a "

" period of job seekers is obsessed with the success of world Yang, said it was a disciple of Liu Yimiao. Brainwashed lost judgment ability and cognitive ability, comments on the stage, everyone was flattered. >