Babe network completed D round of financing, the 616 Strategy Conference held in Beijing

days ago, well-known media people broke the northbound babe network has completed the D round of financing, for new entrants to the northern lights veteran VC investment. Today the official micro-blog Beibei also drying out the countdown poster 2016 babe network strategy conference. According to poster information, this is called a new pattern of new electricity supplier new forces, the conference will be held in Beijing tomorrow. Visible previously broke the news is true, babe network has become the first large capital inflows in 2016 the electricity supplier "unicorn".

50 million users of ten million class MAU babe astonishing speed

at the beginning of 2015 announced today the capital Beibei led the $100 million C round of financing, valuation of more than $1 billion, the success among the "unicorn" star company. Today the capital master Xu Xin even called babe network will become the next Jingdong".

baby’s performance over the past year seems to be able to prove Xu Xin’s investment vision. According to the latest QuestMobile mobile electricity supplier industry report, babe network currently users exceeded 50 million, MAU exceeded 10 million, far more than the rest of the industry not only maternal electricity supplier brands, more than the United States and other traditional giants, and, after the Jingdong. It is worth mentioning that babe network at the same time maintained a rapid growth of more than three or four times the industry.

winter financing meaningful

media comment, with babe network D round of financing, the electricity supplier boss position has been that maternal, maternal electricity supplier industry is already determined. Vertical electricity supplier Ali, as distinguished from the Jingdong, maternal electricity supplier has its own characteristics of the industry, is aimed at home with the baby young parents crowd, compared with integrated business platform, to be successful maternal electricity supplier must come up with more quality products and excellent service. In the D round of financing after the completion of the war is over, maternal electricity supplier, with the development of more powerful capital blessing or babe network will lead to further maternal electricity supplier, with greater efforts to promote the innovation of industry upgrade maternal electricity supplier.

winter capital, although the rapid growth of the electricity supplier in the field of escape the impact, but still optimistic about the capital of outstanding commercial projects, the product is still the first productivity, and the first voice, good products and good weapon platform is overweight. Babe network contrarian completed D round of financing, may be a good example.