Personal website promotion experience

today I suddenly want to put their own personal website promotion experience writing to let us discuss! I enter the network of this industry has been seven or eight years, often did not adhere to it, choose to give up! Have done a total of five sites, today I talk about is a personal website I do now, the source code template.

preferred, now too many people do, success too much. We don’t have those successful confused. When choosing to do their own personal website must carefully analyze the current what kind of website, if you do not have the advantage. What I do is source code template network currently has three or four more the success of the website.

two, the name of the site selection is the key, I choose the template source, but also from a dozen names through online voting choices, also let me send a sponsorship fee to others. But also the value of the site, also let people pay attention to your website.

three, the website must be professional, must be industry standard. Firstly, let others look like you are a professional website. It is better to talk about cooperation on site. We have now reached the industry standard level. Now still continue to upgrade.

four. Online and offline with the most critical, the site with others to promote cooperation. How to keep visitors is also the most headache thing.

five, do not waste the resources. I also open a personal website. Source template

so that their efforts to promote the effectiveness of their own income