Beat out 6 vices in content marketing

has 1 years of experience in marketing and marketing staff who have worked for more than 5 years of experience is different, of course, they also have a working experience of the marketing staff is different for more than 20 years. Experience will give the marketing staff a variety of skills, insight into the power of vision, of course, there are some tips and tricks.

in the long career, content marketers will have some less positive quality. In fact, sometimes because of marketing content, some of the limitations of the work, leadership is weak, resulting in the marketing staff in the content marketing done badly.


, 6 common bad habits caused the collapse of content marketing personnel, and beat the


a, no identification of the content of

content team has a variety of writers, designers, developers, photographers and other members of the team. The content that is selected to write can be made up of these different members, which makes it difficult to agree.

If you say that you write the contents of the

to remove your exclusive logo, your fans will know that this article is written by you?. Identification of the contents of the implant includes the sound, some sense of design elements, etc.. It is necessary to do their own "identification content".

beat method: the first part of the solution, is to create the "style", "style" will force you to consider when creating content such as tone, syntax, references and content at the beginning, title, image, digital processing, and so on the list. Since everything has rules, it can be said that the latter part of the management.

two, ignore details

in content marketing, especially web-based content marketing, there are many small details that need attention. But why do many marketers ignore these small details because sometimes these little details are important, but they are usually not accessible to the public and are easily overlooked by people outside the marketing department.

search engine optimization is a good example. In order to get the best possible marketing results, marketers need to optimize the page’s URL, page title tag, title, meta description, image ALT text, media name, media file name and media description. It’s a tough task to stick to all the character constraints and keywords.

beat method: as far as SEO is concerned, there are a variety of plug-ins and tools to help control the details. In HiP (a foreign content marketing site), for a high degree of control details, using a plug-in called Yoast SEO. It has a simple and efficient interface based on form, providing guidelines for each component and real-time analysis of page SEO.

in general, the best way to remember details in an activity that needs to be done is to put all the little things you need to do in a list, and