Jingdong force to buy peach picking market continues to be volatile

The market trend of

group purchase can always attract attention, after Groupon Naoguo, Ganji’s group purchase business is also lively up, then grab the limelight of group purchase market Jingdong. Group purchase market is so lively, because the group purchase mode is too good, a healthy group purchase platform can businesses, consumers, the platform itself three party benefit, good model means that the competition will be more, then the market is crazy. A lot of small group purchase website was eliminated after the group purchase market in the first round of reshuffle, the second round of group purchase reshuffle have been Jingdong, but plans to enter the business group purchase group purchase market trend, more and more water.

Jingdong test self built buy is defeated or speculation picking peach intention significantly

Jingdong is currently in the B2C market position is very stable, there is no comparable strength of its own class B2C electricity supplier, although the United States in the United States and Suning in force to catch up, but the gap is still evident. Jingdong in the group purchase market has not been what trends, it can only be said very good self-control of the Jingdong, the Jingdong itself maintain the existing B2C business has been constantly burn, if we add the burn group purchase situation, The loss outweighs the gain. In the second round of the group buying market is about to begin the occasion, Jingdong has picked up the peach group plans.

Jingdong did not choose at the outset in the group purchase market and competitor fight hand to hand with the real thing, but the first to start a public relations campaign. A Jingdong has the "Jingdong group purchase group purchase group purchase" reputation started, the test page is likely to be Jingdong Jingdong’s technical staff caused by the error, Jingdong may also be deliberately, it depends on what kind of situation the consumers believe. At present, there are a lot of media on the impact of the event of Jingdong yuan purchase to follow up the report, the author here is no longer tired.

Jingdong is the public relations do well. First of all, a dollar to buy the project is too eye-catching, how consumers can withstand such a temptation to buy service. After consumers have to buy, Jingdong came forward to say that the buy service is caused by internal testing errors, there is no enforceability. Then Jingdong forced consumers to refund, and said to each account to buy 20 yuan of Beijing securities compensation, the impact on consumers and give a certain amount of compensation in line with the general practice, understandable. But Jingdong has two places to deal with is not very appropriate, one is forced to refund the lively Jingdong users, two is the reason for the event is not appropriate choice. There are legal persons that Jingdong should fulfill the contract, there are also legal persons that the contract is not established, the focus of debate or in a group purchase yuan enforceability, but consumer awareness of group purchase is "cost-effective", and did not distinguish whether the project can perform obligations of group purchase, consumers can get one yuan for the promotion of understanding group purchase activities, but the Jingdong has denied the group purchase, now has a lot of consumer rights before the formation of the QQ group discussion. Jingdong’s event marketing has produced the desired results, the media continue to follow up exposure, Jingdong group has begun to fame. Jingdong’s next strategy is to pick peach buy. >