Excellent letter stripped excellent letter to shoot A shares backdoor Busen clothing listed

yesterday (July 4th) news, days before a number of information sources revealed that the second-hand car electricity supplier excellent letter letter to the company’s film business will achieve backdoor listing in the near future. Billion state power network exclusive, excellent letter shoot restructuring plan is to participate in the A shares of Listed Companies in Zhejiang Busen clothing Limited by Share Ltd.

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billion state power network is understood that in July 1st Zhejiang Busen clothing Limited by Share Ltd released a major asset reorganization announcement explained the situation will be held online.

said the announcement, Zhejiang Busen garment Limited by Share Ltd and excellent letter shoot (Beijing) Mdt InfoTech Ltd is to carry out the design and demonstration of negotiation, plan, and related agencies to actively promote the due diligence and audit, evaluation of a major asset reorganization involved etc.. That is excellent letter shoot (Beijing) Mdt InfoTech Ltd is involved in the reorganization plan Zhejiang Busen clothing Limited by Share Ltd.

according to the introduction, Zhejiang Busen clothing Limited by Share Ltd stock since July 1, 2016 to continue the suspension, the cumulative period of suspension does not exceed 1 months, is expected to disclose the relevant documents of this major asset restructuring and applicant company shares resume trading no later than August 1, 2016.

The online interactive platform for investor relations

in Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager of Busen, Mr. Chen, the independent director Mr. Fang Ming, Mr. Yuan Jianjun, director and chief financial officer of the board of directors for the major asset restructuring and investors Secretary of Mr. Li Lianda to communicate and exchange, the information disclosure provisions allowed the range of investors concern answer.

but Busen executives for investors to take advantage of the right to shoot the right to buy shares listed on the merits of the backdoor listing or acquisition, etc., did not directly reply.

It is reported that Zhejiang

, Busen clothing Limited by Share Ltd founded in 1985, specializing in men’s shirts, suits, trousers, jackets, T-shirts and other apparel, occupation series product design, development, production and sales. 2011, Busen shares A shares on the Shenzhen stock exchange for the first time publicly issued.

According to

data, Busen clothing in 2015 operating income 402 million yuan, down 16.52% compared to the same period last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies (hereinafter referred to as the "net profit") 11 million 500 thousand yuan, up profitability, growth of 111.21%, to achieve net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses is negative 24 million 180 thousand yuan, loss of 24 million 180 thousand yuan, has two consecutive years of net profit is negative.

on the other hand, according to Analysys think tank in 2015 China second-hand car business platform share transaction data, the second-hand car business platform B2B excellent letter shot in 2015 accounted for Chinese second-hand car business platform trading share of 27.9%, ranked second. Insiders said that in the domestic A shares listed on the requirements of the company must have one thing is to have three consecutive years of earnings and earnings growth, in recent years, the second-hand car electricity supplier Daxing advertising war, second-hand car electricity supplier better letter +