Le bee for fake name anti provoke questions


Times News (reporter intern reporter Hu Xiaohong Ping Yifan) in a "fake" question lefeng.com, days before the show brand authorization is innocent, but reporters noted that the authorization not included on the site of some international brand sales. In this regard, Le bee network yesterday responded to admit that the company did not get the authorization of Estee Lauder and other international brands.

active anti

name provoke questions

recently, many users are reflected in the music bee online to buy fake cosmetics and skin care products. In this regard, March 25th, dozens of cosmetics brand lefeng.com to the media to show the authorization, most of the cosmetics brand awareness is not high, which did not have Estee Lauder, Dior, La Mer and other international big names.

yesterday, the Estee Lauder brand responsible person said to reporters: "our official sales channels in department stores, as well as the brand’s official website, Sephora and its official website," the source said, in the case of non group specified Internet sales of cheap products do not know the truth.

insists the current zero complaint

denied Lasafo regular sales channels, for big companies yesterday, Lasafo has sent a statement to reporters said: "Lasafo has been active and international manufacturers contact, although we do not get Estee Lauder authorization, but we have strict screening suppliers qualification, to ensure genuine goods."

, however, for consumers concerned about the issue of suppliers, Le bee statement did not respond, the staff responsible for the music bee PR also said: this involves trade secrets, not convenient to disclose. However, Le bee network since its establishment in 2008, has 5 years, Le bee network has always insisted on genuine sales, adhere to the consumer. Peach Blossom Festival in March, Le bee network complaints about product quality zero".