Behind the demon stocks,’s momentum should be how to continue

last week, released its 2014 Q2 earnings report, the report shows that’s total net revenues of $2014 in Q2, an increase of $26 million 400 thousand, net profit of $136.1%, an increase of 192.1%.

for this listing has been more than two years or more than 30 times the demon stock, in this case, investors are willing to believe that it is possible to obtain a relatively dominant position in the domestic electricity supplier industry company.

but now, the volume of the increasingly large, has been the industry’s attention. Whether it is behind the United States and the United States, or the former Ali Jingdong, are gradually in the pattern and layout of the category.

with the increasing number of players, established rules have gradually changed. As a sales channel, if only to provide general merchandise, platform based electricity providers can more efficiently replace you.

so, in a certain period of time because of the demographic dividend and high margin to make money, but the future of the industry need to fine operation,’s momentum should be how to continue, maybe we can see from the current layout some clues.

everything for expansion?’s business model has been very clear: the brand I can help you stop sell off inventory, I used five days a wave of hunger marketing for customers to patronize and impulse buying, buyers and the data support the team responsible for the selection, mainly for rapid iteration with the two or three line two or three line city brand based customers on the new.

sale of the business model has been proven successful, but now is faced with a need to expand the pressure muddy water market.

at the beginning of the year once said, will continue to cultivate existing sale mode in a certain period of time, only gradually test the water standard category third party platform in the non core, while refusing to do consignment on behalf of its own brand, operation mode.

this means that in this period of rapid development of the industry, needs to maintain high gross margin, while continuing to profit, but also to maintain a high growth rate. It doesn’t sound easy.

electricity supplier in order to survive and grow, both from the user experience or scale effect, the most important aspect is the storage logistics. Compared to other electricity supplier company, sale mode to inbound and outbound goods very quickly, theory every five days in the warehouse goods about 100% to the turnover time. Efficient and low cost to complete this process and have a high level of warehouse management, logistics system is one of its core competencies.

but the need to continue to invest in this aspect of warehousing, compared to the cost advantage has been established Jingdong, is still too much worse. So continue to force in the field of warehousing, reduce the proportion of the cost of compliance is an important means to maintain the profitability of

only these are not enough, if you can not maintain now >