The quality of the website construction soft win win indispensable

information dissemination is increasingly diversified, and the traditional way of Internet marketing, the cost of all the way to win CPI and increasingly high prices, and high. There is no better way of marketing, soft marketing official in this context, more and more enterprises are concerned and attention. Different from the soft hard advertising, because of its own transmission of valuable information, so it is easier to be accepted. If the traditional hard advertising is like before and after the play on television commercials, and soft, more like TV drama in advertising. As well as a better marketing effect, and will not cause the viewer’s antipathy.

has a point of view, although the Internet and its massive information, but more than 60% of the basic coverage for the soft. At the same time the spread of values and ideas, but also effectively promote the promotion of enterprise products or service information, both of which are complementary to each other. I had the "core competence of website construction and optimization is the original" in fact, not only is the website construction and website optimization, Internet marketing also need original, and requires extremely high quality original. The original writing also just so simple, the original purpose is to effectively assist marketing, and the way is based on the established products and services writing.

win one of the sales: soft optimization mention right effect is obvious

now, no one can deny the original magic power, those Baidu Google and other search engine rankings of the site, without exception, the vast majority of the original content is very high. After several years of development, the search engine has been more and more attention to the quality of the original content, but because the content is the site of this, relying on high-quality content to optimize the site is the trend of the optimization. The original is not without the sky East pull West McCain, outstanding original must be around the product and service, and established products and services and services. This is the original soft Wen, so that the original can better adapt to the main site, enhance the user experience at the same time, it will slowly win the search engine certainly.

It is also the essence of the original

text search engine, so that the original value of TBEA, stick with soft, rich content site, its weight will slowly be improved. Soft Wen can effectively improve the optimization effect, there is a very important reason is that the soft text itself is extremely valuable. The value of the quality of the article, published on the platform such as ADMIN5/CHINAZ, a short time will get a lot of forwarding, will bring a certain number of high-quality links. The number of content forwarding and the number and quality of the connection, almost as important as the content, related to the construction site optimization effect and the corresponding keywords ranking.

win two of the pin: soft communication to effectively enhance the reputation of

The idiom "

, the Public clamor can melt metals., defamation destroys a man want to express the meaning" is People will talk. If a company wants to run a website for a long time, no one dares to ignore the customer, no one does not care about reputation and reputation. From "Jia Junpeng, your mom calls you home for dinner" to