Second hand car frequently favored by the electricity supplier behind the scenes ecological chain is

look at all the consumer market, the longest automotive industry chain, the former to the retail market to the extension of the service market, which is determined by the characteristics of the product. In the retail market, new car sales market occupies the main position, and in services to the market, the automobile industry chain wide, taxi, car rental, car, second-hand car, automotive supplies, car repair, car washing, parking, beauty, maintenance, generation of driving, accident, insurance, financial and other very rich. The automobile industry chain is so long, but the whole industry chain has been basically the net, gold began in the field of Internet, the development of second-hand car business would be breaking the momentum.

especially in the near term, the second-hand car market is clearly felt the enthusiasm of capital and entrepreneurial heat. The day before, the second-hand car online auction platform excellent letter shot completed a new round of $260 million financing, so the size of the potential to achieve trillion market once again become the focus of the capital to compete. Excellent letter shoot this round of huge financing includes investing Huaping investment group, tiger Global Fund and other investment institutions, and had also received a round of investment Jun linked capital and Tencent and other institutions; another second-hand car business platform car is easy to shoot lead investor Sequoia Capital, Morningside venture, Jingwei Chinese with $50 million investment, including A and B round round, the car is easy to shoot the cumulative amount of financing reached $75 million. Ping An group last year to spend 1 billion to build the second-hand car trading company safe car, involved in this market.

iResearch data show that the first half of the excellent letter shoot, the car is easy to shoot, instant shot, happy to help sell second-hand car electricity supplier to achieve a total transaction size of 4 billion 700 million yuan, turnover of vehicles 82 thousand.

Chinese automobile circulation association data show that the first half of the second-hand car for 2 million 819 thousand total deal size (the second-hand car electricity providers have scored 3% in the market share), compared to the same period last year growth of 12.77%; turnover of 170 billion 526 million yuan, compared to the same period last year Rose 22.88%.

, however, the daily economic news reporter found in the interview, the second-hand car electricity supplier market theory is huge, but the biggest dilemma lies in the various links are disjointed, did not form a closed loop.

C2B market share is smaller

is the second-hand car business platform provides information for the second-hand car trading platform trading platform, at present this kind of business model can be divided into C2B and B2B, of which B2B company is excellent letter shot, the car is easy to shoot, C2B model has a good car safely.

general manager of Ping good car market department Wu Xingbing pointed out to accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, "the current C2B model of market share is relatively small, but the market share on the rise. In addition, the market layout of the entire industry has not been fully determined, there are still some problems in the regional market information asymmetry, which also gave the second-hand car electricity supplier has created many opportunities."

Wu Xingbing told reporters, in addition to help users at this stage the safety car selling cars, the future will cut into the car market, that is to help users to buy second-hand car. But at this stage