Ali investment 58 home, community O2O face what difficulties

58 city the firm has been willing to toss a few days ago, has set up 58 home, 58 home is the 58 city in the community of O2O founded the company, dedicated to home cleaning, home Manicure, moving speed and other community services. This sub brand had been disappeared, however, due to the two days of a new round of financing Alibaba fame.

58 home area has accumulated a wealth of data. Its prospectus documents show that 58 of the services involved in the lives of real estate, including recruitment, automotive, housekeeping, catering, second-hand trading and other aspects, covering nearly 380 cities nationwide. Monthly posting volume reached about 56 million, the daily release of new information nearly 2 million.

O2O burn, and now the case of the capital of winter, but as one of the BAT Alibaba should give 58 sub brand investment, which had a reflection on community O2O in the end there is no future. First, the community has long been the development of O2O, is not a day two days, but the current domestic market, there is no one to make the results and scale.

58 home on-line fast a year, there are still some results, in some cities in the market has occupied a certain position. In addition, 58 home is also equipped with the standard price, service and training. Moreover, 58 home also has a regular blue collar team, and other O2O community platform is still a certain advantage.

, a representative of the community O2O, 58 home to face the pain point


58 home although in the industry to achieve certain results, but still faces some shortcomings and deficiencies. Of course, any industry factors are difficult, or domestic early domestic O2O giants. So what pain points need to overcome 58 home


first, the lack of in-depth understanding of the community service industry, lack of experience.

58 home, after all, just set up soon, all aspects need to improve. From the 58 home from the domestic industry entrance can be seen in its lack of confidence, because the domestic O2O is O2O the minimum threshold of community service. But with the development of enterprises, if you want to conduct an in-depth industry, then you need a professional team responsible for the operation, it is clear that the ability to reach 58 home is still not up to standard.

secondly, do not know how to allocate resources, did not find a rapid expansion of the scale of the strategy.

58 home from the domestic industry, it is destined not to open the scale quickly. Domestic O2O is both business, whether employers are not satisfied or not satisfied with the housekeeping staff, finally suffer are certainly the platform. The most critical is that as long as the two sides have contact, can completely bypass the platform for private transactions, which also led to the plundering of resources as well as the scale of the platform can not be expanded.

reputation building is a problem, it is difficult to form a brand effect.

first of all, 58 city, the company had to rent and sell because of the