Part-time marketing circle of friends, the monthly sales exceeded thirty thousand of the practice no

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by WeChat in the circle of friends to sell duck about 40 days, I was a part-time in WeChat marketing, through the efforts of these days and pay, or that individuals have achieved a good result, only a duck sales more than and 600, turnover of more than 30 thousand, all of them are sold by WeChat and QQ. If there is no small episode in the middle, I think we can sell better. How do I do it? I think it is not a marketing guru, has not been a professional WeChat marketing training, but with their own experience to achieve some of the. Before, I also wrote an essay "actual share — preliminary micro marketing thinking", this article is about more than and 20 days before writing, may not go far enough, again today to share, there will be some new experiences and insights, we hope to be able to do is WeChat marketing, or marketing for WeChat to help a friend.

I think, you want to do a good job in WeChat marketing, first of all you have to have the following factors:

The number of

, a friend: your WeChat should have certain WeChat friends, if only a few dozen, WeChat is unable to do marketing, I think early should have at least 200 or more, or high quality must be friends, in order to produce a certain effect; of course you can use after some efforts to increase your order WeChat friends, the following will teach you how to increase your friend WeChat


two, personal character: you may say a thing does not sell, wool relationship with your character? You’re wrong, if you are a stall, or Taobao may not need, now is about to sell things on WeChat, may have a relationship. That is to say you usually with friends and customers, such as the relationship between the students how to deal, you are friends inside the reputation is good; how we evaluate on you, I think this is very important, most of the business is the first from my friends, if you do not recognize friends, do not how do you convince others to support.

three: social resources and social resources to experience more difficult for newly graduated students, but for those who have several years of work in addition to their friends, you have to know colleagues thought, and make some other friends, such as customers and partners to establish a good relationship, there is a certain degree of social human resources, on the WeChat marketing will play a very important role, because they are the mainstream of society, rich, have contacts, to get their support, will have a good effect;

four, copywriting skills: WeChat marketing are relying on your text to impress people, if you do not use the text description, only send pictures, simply can not impress others. A good product, it is necessary to speak a word to support it, so as to have vitality. For example, if you want to sell your clothes, you will directly put the color and style of the clothes and the number of the clothes on, and do you think it will work?