From Beijing, the most beautiful fans micro-blog burst red look at user psychology and business valu

Beijing time on March 30th, the 2011-2012 season CBA finals for the fifth game, the Beijing team in the home court to 124 to 121 victory over Guangdong, the total score 4-1 win the championship this season, the Beijing team won for the first time in the history of the CBA. It is precisely because of this historic moment, many Beijing fans moved to tears (although the Guangdong fans are crying!!!), including the CCTV sports channel featuring a beauty fans excited to cry @S a smile.

TV debut after the event a get out of hand, the majority of users of micro-blog play China people together force. That is, around 22 p.m. on March 30th (TV close-up appeared in the past 15 minutes), the author through the micro-blog search keywords Beijing female fans, micro-blog has appeared on the @S a smile a lot of relevant information. In this way, the author found the micro-blog.


"Beijing’s most beautiful fans" @S a smile

in March 30th to 22 points for the original monitoring point, the parties @S a smile micro-blog to monitor, when the number of fans about 7000 (capture time later, I did not grab the original number of fans before the incident). Because the number of fans is growing too fast, micro-blog statistics tools have been garbled, so I decided to artificial statistical data. 30~60 minutes for a period of time related to the number of changes in the number of fans, in addition to the author also counted the amount of micro-blog related comments and forwarding.

at 23 o’clock on March 30th, micro-blog’s mainstream public opinion that @S a smile for the time, the most beautiful female fans in Beijing, but the parties have not yet published related micro-blog expression. So, there was a small episode, another female fans @ healthy bacteria released micro-blog said he was a female fan. The author also suddenly blurred vision, analysis of a large number of healthy bacteria on the micro-blog and related photos, the preliminary judgment of the speech there are many suspicious places, so do not explore in depth.


(finally, after more than two hours of the incident, the parties issued micro-blog indirect to recognize it as the most beautiful fans in Beijing". , screenshot date: 3:15 on March 31st


(after search analysis, this micro-blog cited the most pictures for fans. Screenshot date: March 31st 3:15)

below is from the incident at 22 o’clock on March 30th @S a smile micro-blog fans number of changes in the curve, the statistics until 3:30 on March 31st. Due to the error of statistical tools, the author suggests that if the reader is interested, we can analyze the composition of the fans from the age, region and gender.