Local service website operation experience (two)

last time we simply explained the breakthrough of local service website. Well, the idea of the site we have found a breakthrough. So the next step is the need to build the site (again not much), and then is to promote. Local service web site, in terms of promotion is actually very simple. Not just online promotion. As long as you carefully observe the life around you, promotion is everywhere. Still take my station Ji’nan used car as an example.

first consider the main services provided by their web site, Ji’nan second-hand car network is the main service of the vehicle source information release and display, as well as the introduction of the line to buy the seller service. So this information can be displayed directly in the community bulletin board at the same time, just like real estate, the effect will be very obvious. Of course, if you allow the financial strength of the case, can direct the bulletin board to buy, then change regularly your information.

then is the parking lot, spend a little money, a part of information card. Put on each car, the main release free vehicle sales information. When will your unsolicited car source website. Or in the parking lot, set up a simple promotional materials. Let every one in and out of the car will see your message.

in the street, maybe you can find your potential users. Always pay attention to the passing of the rear window of the vehicle, perhaps you will find the car transfer four characters, remember to record. And text messages to the driver. And save money, but the effect is quite good.

used cars to be used, then of course is the most suitable for beginners. In your driver’s license examination physical examination, you can make a second-hand car information printed on the way to the physical examination of the place to find some new hair.

above is just an example, not only the Ji’nan used cars, other industries, local sites can still be so. No matter what, as long as the vehicle is in the side entry infested areas, there are methods for promotion of your site, if you look carefully, careful thinking, the idea of a little on your website will bring good promotion effect.

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