About 169 Unicorn company data story Sino US Hyun muscle and the old Europe

today’s article belongs to FreeS Fund (Rui Rui capital) internal data analysis article series, we hope to inspire. The FreeS data analysis is mainly analysis of the existing various features of the unicorn ‘, so funds can be screened for potential unicorns, but also hope to help you entrepreneurs can better improve myself.

article is brought by FreeS peak capital analyst Ben Li students. Ben students are Emory Biostats & Bioinformatics PhD candidate, and now serves as an analyst in the Department of peak data in.

we start early littery data temporarily withdraw, will look along the investment cycle extended backward, tell their story the Unicorn data. Simply spread the knowledge: unicorn is the valuation of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars of start-up companies. Although the unicorn company has a clear definition, but different data sources in the end is not very consistent with what the company is unicorn. As the Wall Street journal lists 148 Unicorn companies as of June 2016. Some Unicorn companies are listed below (see http://s.graphics.wsj.com/billion-dollar-club/ for a complete list):


In the latest list of CBInsights Unicorn companies,

lists 169 Unicorn companies, while in the Techcrunch list, it lists the top 168 Unicorn companies.

so what’s the difference between the two lists, which makes a big mistake, and the difference between the two is far greater than that of a company. For example, TechCrunch’s 168 Unicorn contains the ant gold suit, Meizu and music as sports and other Chinese companies, and these companies did not appear in the list of the top 169 Unicorn CBInsights.

special need to point out that, in April, just completed the financing of the ants in the TechCruch gold database in the valuation of Gao Judi two, but has not been included in other databases. We will list the list of the unicorn and the corresponding data is analyzed in detail, but we are mainly based on the CBInsights data to see the unicorn portrait of the enterprise. For the part of the company’s introduction can refer to the small devil eleven months ago or column.

spatial distribution

let’s take a look at the Venturebeat in January 2016 released the unicorn space distribution map. They included 229 unicorns. About 44% of the company is headquartered in California. Over four