n December 27th 3 the 16GB version of millet mobile phone behind unsalable

as everyone knows, millet company from the beginning is limited to sell their products, which is the so-called "rarity", from 2010 to 2013 in just two or three years to become a company of market value of ten billion, but in the industry is big. At the same time, millet company the cost of sales dropped to almost zero by the hunger marketing strategy, so that the product and the service cost is greatly reduced, thus emboldened to release that consumers very affordable products.

I have been millet company has been going on, but by yesterday I feel that this model is also a crisis. I grab a red rice mobile phone use on Tuesday, yesterday, a colleague said to buy millet mobile phone 3, but at noon did not grab. And when I was about eleven in the evening of my mobile phone red rice logistics information query, accidentally click on the home page of the official website of the day of panic buying millet slides, we found that the immediate purchase and selection of accessories two buttons (the usual opening of a kind of panic buying it). I am curious to click, found this time actually also appeared queuing scene twelve when panic buying lasted twenty seconds, and was not sold out tips, but found the millet 3 16GB version of mobile phone can also purchase, we all know after 64GB has been ready to buy, but 16GB always need to panic buying in the opening time, and then I tried to find success, orders, and payment, of course, because it was late and I don’t want to ask my colleagues, so there is no payment.


through the above experience, let me know when to open the panic buying millet because of high flow rate to queue is deliberately delayed, or in the night and not panic buying users certainly is very small, no need to queue for such a long time team. The other is the mobile phone panic buying yesterday is not sold, but is unsalable; noon was robbed, but many people did not pay, that is to say not to buy. Why? I think of yesterday announced a group of reselling millet products in the QQ group content and dynamic industry in recent can simply summarize some things behind. We know that in the millet mobile phone products, as well as a full range of products panic buying red rice, millet and millet 3 16GB version, 64GB version 3 and millet 2S already can purchase at any time, and this time millet 16GB version 3 is slow-moving, I think it is caused by the following reasons:

first, the emergence of competitive products, but also open to buy. We all know the recent mobile phone market a big news is that HUAWEI’s glory 3C mobile phone began to open to buy, and this mobile phone here without saying that we all know, a word that can replace the red rice millet mobile phone. While many users really grab a lot of millet products but failed, this type of product launch, will undoubtedly make a lot of people have a "catch millet taste, do not buy, I buy this mobile phone directly to the" idea "