Huang Xiangru what restricts the development of electronic commerce

electronic commerce as a concept of economic situation, is a new kind of economic relations, it is the information technology as productivity, on the basis of enterprise information, which is in production, through the network reconfiguration and adjustment of social economy distribution and exchange relationship, it is composed of social and economic units. Popular understanding, is refers to the enterprise products can be sold directly to end users through the network, and then through the distribution system, the product will be sent to the hands of users, of course, this is just a function of the electronic commerce, we can be seen, after the implementation of e-commerce, the traditional marketing channel is changed, that is the social economic relation changes, but which also produce contradictions, namely the middle link original market channels and how to deal with


login to consumer e-commerce website and log in directly to the corporate website is not much difference, but for enterprises, they often need to carry out marketing through the third party website, and through traditional marketing channels, there is not much difference, but in different ways, but this is not true of the electronic commerce. Now the problem is that the traditional enterprises lack a kind of management mechanism, which is suitable to the electronic commerce, and lack of good internal and external environment. In 1999, China launched the "* * * Internet Project", the majority of a mere formality, there is no real realization of government information, therefore, the enterprise has not been the survival of information space. A huge obstacle to formal e-commerce is in China encountered, many enterprises have established their own website, but did not play its due role, the traditional management mode is still in use, or not at all what changes we are going through a certain enterprise website for more information is a difficult. Traditional enterprise e-commerce concept does not change, suitable for the survival and development of e-commerce environment is difficult to form, the full implementation of e-commerce is an empty talk, it can only be a kind of expectation.

the active participation of the whole social and economic units, is an important prerequisite for the realization of e-commerce, any tendency to an extreme way are undesirable. Only by some website operation, can not represent the success of electronic commerce, * *, enterprises and all levels of society participation, in order to create a suitable for survival and development of electronic commerce, in order to make fundamental changes in social and economic relations the traditional information technology transformation through to relationship between economic success, more business opportunities derived from can, seize these opportunities, who are likely in the electronic commerce the pot in a bowl of porridge. However, there are two factors restricting the development of e-commerce.

first, the amount of payment constraints

at present, the domestic online payment system in e-commerce and the application of the trial has begun to take shape, the major banks of online banking and payment companies have to focus on the business of e-commerce payment areas.

network payment has become the biggest bottleneck affecting the development of B2B e-commerce. Active in the field of C2C and B2C third party payment company is difficult to guarantee B2B transactions, the need to pay in the