Since the media why people have seen so many chicken soup is still operating well

recently, laomai found down mobile phone, turn off the computer, you can concentrate on doing a lot of things, such as mind your own love to eat food, family and friends sit down and pleasant to drink tea and chat on the playground, sweating laps……

once opened a mobile phone computer, how to make your public number 7 days, there are 100 thousand powder, micro business you are only a few steps away from the success of the day, making it difficult to do it on the day, do these things to make your Taobao store traffic immediately increased by one hundred thousand……

Pumianerlai is a variety of impetuous information (laomai think), say like a newly born BB will walk like, worthless content, as long as a crown of lust title, the hits will be wipe off actually to see so much, really to help yourself and how much more can do?



well, the above is a little old Guangzhou old feeling. Today to share their own understanding of the operation of the media, how to go from the media on this road more comfortable.

1, high quality content

content is king, this is placed in the era of PC mobile Internet era, are unchanged.

content is equivalent to a product of their own, good and bad decision can create a key explosion, even if the pre you spend a lot of money, spend a lot of small smart to engage in a lot of fans back, the next content does not pass, or to cancel the attention of fans.

therefore, a steady stream of high-quality content is the first step from the media.

2, channel is very important

when you have a lot of quality content, no fans how to do?

is the most direct and most effective is to go to the third party platform to publish promotion, for example: the video from the media, the video to each big video website upload, link to video Post Bar; do not story class from the media, the article can be submitted to the reader, the Youth Digest, stories, these budding magazine platform then, the potential fans crawl into their own fans……

this is why some people have done for two years from the media, the number of fans is still very few, and ultimately do not support the reasons for not doing it.

therefore, the promotion of the channel is the second step from the media.

3, fan interactive

after the current two steps are done, there are thousands of fans, how to improve the activity and loyalty of fans has become a problem to be considered.

is the most ruthless trick is to interact with fans, build circle, engage in activities, engage in line of the party, the sharing of experience, constantly have new entrants, also to ensure that the entire community is active, this is the third step to do from the media.

in the end, old wheat think, now many operations are not >