Net net action in your site lying gun

whether it is on the Internet to search for information or read novels, play games, etc., there will always be different forms but the content is illegal information or pictures. Not only that, and now many sites will be implanted code, these black chain code is also illegal content, such as: entertainment, gambling……

such a good code, pictures worth mentioning, have seriously affected the network environment, especially those violations of information for many minors, but it has played a negative impact. In order to dispel this filthy network welcome, net net action has begun. The net net action time is from April 2014 to mid November, a nationwide unified information campaign against online pornography pornography · net net 2014 special action. Today, I want to Dennis together and we analyze the net net action began, will have an impact on the website optimization!


of the general business station, net net action has no effect on its essence, as long as your site is not related to the illegal information or gray edge vocabulary, you can rest assured that bold do your website operation, and for some offbeat website or in the edge of the site, the webmaster to pay special attention to. The author Dennis observed the obvious removal of illegal websites, some of the novels, the network game station station there are some of the actions of the hard object, and this site is bound by the search engine "blocked", until the site was cleared.

the same, the network of general enterprise stand more, and most will not be tired of it. Of course, we cannot rule out the net action due to special reasons in this case website, you can submit complaints directly to the search engine, as long as no illegal content but not confirmed the site was lying gun, after verification will be restored.

here we have to ask, in addition to the obvious violations of the station, what kind of site is easy to lie in the net net action gun?

1, the site was hacked, the station was injected into the black chain code or illegal web page. Many can not be observed on the page, only to see the source code can be found. This requires us to pay attention to monitoring the source code in daily maintenance. Moreover, now many webmaster platform, including search engines have been black warning, webmasters may wish to verify it, once the site is open Trojan backdoor will promptly notify you to clean up.

2, the site has a game advertising website. Objectively speaking now many online games are walking a fine line, once accidentally crossing will be directly K. Many may say that the search engine does not recognize the Flash, in fact, this net action will not only rely on the program to carry out, there will be a lot of manual intervention. If your site has such game advertising, must be strictly audited, warning period must not lose the greater, the site into trouble lying gun.

3, the forum website is also easy to lie gun website type. We know the forum, BBS this type of Web site