Talk about the construction and promotion of Yuncheng Forum

when the local forum development like a raging fire when you want to do a local industry forum to develop yourself; local forum is the local services, such as Xiamen xmfish, Hangzhou 19 Building and the local community, do is a kind of service, and the development of the forum will continue there is a service industry, such as group purchase or life; then this article will thank yourself on the Yuncheng forum construction and promotion mode.

: the effects of prior to the construction of the local forum’s popularity and accuracy, at the early stage of the construction site, it should be realized that the local forum has some strong competition, how much local and network use Baidu Search, "Yuncheng forum" can be found "to find relevant results about 1750000, some, but it is the competition the competition, or not, and then click through to see the inside of the popularity, found that the local forum’s popularity although there are some, but not much, the local fashion still has room for improvement, this upgrade is not only on the web to improve, and combined with local characteristics, let people know that there is such a forum. You would find the local forum, news directly to your forum to find local news, and combined with the local characteristics of a special channel, such as Q Q home page, some is only the national nature of the big news, local news and sometimes get more attention, as the 19 floor, directly promote the local characteristics, can have the local flavor; and do a local forum, more targeted, no matter which aspect for the development of will have a direct impact, will not be left behind.

: the promotion program is Discuz, this program is a network program of the fire, and can be directly linked to the QQ, is a major feature of it, according to the promotion plan, including, SEO, is to use a search engine to promote, as long as the local properties and related industries can use SEO to find some opportunities, such as "what is the most important of the keyword Yuncheng forum, no ground for blame" Yuncheng "two words is the most important, so it is necessary to look for the" Yuncheng "keyword, in good rankings, do Links, such Links nothing more than the best correlation, and the quality is good, and the localization of the situation is that these Links are local in nature, with more local characteristics; when the forum develops to a certain program, remember We must play their own brand, if the local forum grows to a certain extent, is called the "Yuncheng forum" to another site, also called the Yuncheng forum, thus causing the text to conflict, although can use Baidu ranking to resist, but Baidu is changing, maybe one day ranking down, popularity no, you can create a brand, the brand to maintain their popularity, which is extended to take into account things, and later going to do things; there is a way to promote the promotion of this forum, and is popular in other activities, before the data above to see, some people the forum is seeking.