Case study how to maintain the reputation of emergency information

said IWOM maintenance, I think from our customers in Haiyang, in Haiyang to find us, they made a request, the request is: in the search "Shenzhen hair hospital", the search engine front page 5 there can be negative in a hospital, search for "Shenzhen hair the hospital" in the news, but also to ensure that.

when we took over, only to find that the negative news is in the multi-channel stereo, and this allows us to spend a lot of brain cells. In any case, we first according to different channels, do the analysis, and then according to the different analysis results, take different measures.

a, in the search engine: delete the original no, then use the extrusion and coverage strategy

Baidu search related to the negative news reached 5 pages, and each negative news content is different, to our inference is obviously someone deliberately fabricated slander. Because of the general negative news, only occasionally one or two, if it is so, then we can delete the original article, or edit the original article and then update the Baidu snapshot off. However, we face the situation is different, one is a large, Baidu search related negative news to 5 pages, but the content varied, each negative news content is different, not only the workload increases, and the strategy is also increased several times.

delete the original can not, then use the extrusion and coverage strategy. Because too many negative results, the workload and difficulty will increase, but some people deliberately released a large number of bad information, delete the original search results so no, delete this, other related information will come out, Baidu could not keep the deleted text without updating the snapshot. But don’t worry, Baidu will have included a new content of it, and never stopped, then we can according to the keywords, released a lot of information that included Baidu to replace the old information, especially the bad information — well, we in the search engine is not good, this is the principle measures taken by the new message. Extrusion covering the old information, to achieve the purpose of maintenance

reputation!The measures taken to know the principle of

, is not Everything will be fine. With the wrong, simply can not play a role, but the waste of their own energy and money, so to squeeze the practice of covering many aspects to pay attention to.

1, you want to release different content. Baidu page 10, each piece of information is not the same. So you have to prepare enough content. Your content can not all appear in the search results, this little chance (more than 10%, less than 1/10000), so you not only have to ensure that your content is very much, but also to ensure the release number so large. The more relevant information, the more chance to appear in the search results, to achieve the purpose of crowding out bad information.

2, you want to release the original content and optimized content. After optimization of the content, can be more search engine to accept, but also high quality content will get the search engine’s attention, which ranked >