On the use of classified information website to improve website weight

there is a sentence in the website optimization industry: "chain is king, the chain for emperor", so also said the importance of website inside and outside the chain, it is one of the standard search engine for website weight, so the chain resources can not only help us easy to improve search engine the weight of classified information website is emerging in recent years, site type, but not a national classification information website is related to all aspects of daily life information, so the classification information website in the activity also gradually become the promotion of the chain platform is improved a shortcut to the weights of the website.

A: select the weight of high easy to classify the information website

classified information website has a lot of how we want are the most effective web platform? Of course is to choose some weight high classification information website, because the higher the PR flow rate is greater, the weight of the chain that simple promotion platform is to choose the higher your website promotion effect is better then included it will be good, for example, 58 city classifieds site Ganji, etc. we often used, the weights are very high, so these sites have always been the webmaster attention place.

two: brand classification information website

The amount of information

classification information website are generally large, so we put the concerns of the user information released to the people network, Ganji platform above and then remember at the end of the information to write their own URL (absolute path specific information or directory), attract spider grab more information on the site, insist on doing this long-term that is very helpful for improving the engine weight. The best choice of weight higher than their own site. Remember: the information content is not hard ads, now many websites are very strict supervision, pay attention to empathy is very important. For example, "for more information please view or detailed information please check the words into your station link.

three: the correlation between the content of the article

when we use the classification of information website must be connected between the contents, for example when a user to view a second-hand vehicle information, the information below will be the emergence of classified information on the subject, do so on the one hand help Baidu spiders crawl information, on the other hand is to help users get more the content, improve the user experience.

four: keyword hot word is the key

when we do in the local information classified information website, recommended to collect some of the local news or is associated with the local music heard, such not only can improve the search engine friendly user experience, greatly increasing the website stickiness, perhaps before that a lot of people ignore the importance of this aspect there is when we write the news must be original, because hate spam engine so we do it if you do not find the original words can be the one to understand and modify articles from the new one, into their own original article, "