Learn to understand the concept of internal diary Street Street Wisdom ten years of wisdom

people are really wonderful, a person, naturally have their own attributes, like culture, each culture has different attributes.

you cannot tolerate the environment, you can’t get along with people, you can’t digest, no matter how you adjust, you can use what strategy, made, or can do a full-fledged, but could not escape the discerning eye.

what are the attributes, will release what energy, digest what energy.

when I grow up in the process, I deeply appreciate and vague to one thing, it is a kind of force in pulling me, that man took me to learn I should be wise, I don’t know what I learn what I should be will become people, but this power will take me around I don’t need to learn something.


can be used to explain the nature of the matter, but I think it is not high, but I do not know how to say, for the time being called interest.

I grew up on a variety of academic knowledge is not interested, form the article I did not go in, attracted me is full of speculation, and Diablo strategy is a powerful and unconstrained style Its loopholes appeared one after another. books, and martial arts, of course, but gradually read many miscellaneous book I found that these are not what I want, because this such knowledge can be taught, you can copy, and can learn from an easy job to do in the book, until I met to understand, finally found this kind of person, whether writing or experience are full of "street smarts", I am sure this is what I have been looking for wisdom.

understand is from 06 years to write the article, this year has been the whole of the past ten years. The ten years of his circle of grassroots network controversy, he also in ten years built up a Wangzhuan climax, there are countless people competing to imitate him, but few people touch the essence of his strength, no time, playing out imitation than decent moves are powerless, well is to understand, once spent 4 years learning the heart of Internet marketing, only the internal foundation, he has to study 4 years, do you? So, I added the "internal strength" in the series title, coincidentally, I founded the website also called learning skills, what a coincidence ah what a coincidence, um · · · to understand writing for ten years, I came to understand the interpretation of ten years with ten long article street wisdom.

so what do I mean by "street smarts"


should be said that this wisdom is difficult to systematically, neither dark nor wisdom, marketing strategy, and it cannot be copied, out of nowhere, it is difficult to learn from books, only by about one person of rivers and lakes and from which to experience some of the truth.

has "Street Wisdom" people, like the old rivers and lakes for many years, like a shop can feel >