The money that entrepreneurs have wasted over the years

in this era of cattle, entrepreneurs again and again in order to transform a lot of entrepreneurs in the waste of money, headache, depressed, what has come. Not too much money, but the leap of the times, it is difficult to accept new things. Such as: do not understand network marketing, do not recognize new things may not accept the views of others. Entrepreneurs friends do not spray me, we ask the question of the analysis, and then scolded again! Look at the following question whether you exist, there is no responsibility to change the responsibility to crown it!

Nin Lao when it was to do the operation of network marketing director you understand network marketing, you don’t understand, you are partial to the traditional that set out the views of others denied


do you know a fur, listen to others say so, and even their data, even the model is not clear, did not test on the hard hit money?

ask this question first, then we ask.

network marketing is nothing more than a few parts: traffic, capture potential, turnover, customer lifetime value (continued to buy, to introduce, word of mouth), useless nonsense, we take the details to speak:

play flow, no matter what to play way to let the show out of advertising, soft information or attractive, others will be guided, you analyze your advertisements show the conversion between the amount and flow rate? Your information is to show pretty or attractive? Then you calculate how much you spoil this part


traffic after the introduction of the transaction, and now the user is lazy, did not find the information they need, and even contact are not willing to contact you, this should be a well-known problem. So the terminal must have reflected this several users want to know the question: who are you? What are you doing? What can you give me? That you and others have what different? Why should I choose you? What do I want to believe you? Why do I buy it now?

look at your terminal, is it easy to let these customers do not find the information they need or benefits turn around and go?

general turnover, are very few! Traffic is so expensive, if you want to keep them as potential customers in our database cultivate feelings and trust? Whether to let them stay available to us and they have good opportunities to play the


this guy, it’s a lot of money!

In fact, most people are

to the end of this step, it is a waste of money naked, naked death. I looked distressed! Customer lifetime value has been more important, also began to rise until now marketing fans began to be attention! But one is a lot more. Millet play a sense of participation, what is the value of the customer is not worth it for life? Why?

an old customer has had a deal, there have been more than a new customer trust development, you give up?

an old customer can help you