A good copy of the product to say people

since the Web 2, many changes have made the business world a better place, but the way we create and sell our products is still in the middle of the 90s. I have two thoughts about this situation, one of which is more thought-provoking than the other.


most people are not very good copywriter, for many people, writing is a cruel sport. It’s boring, and it takes a lot of time for people to write, but the results are not always good. Actually okay. What would it be like to have a team composed of people with the same skills? Personally, I just mentioned that most people feel about writing as if I were dealing with a lot of data with Excel.

marketers are obsessed with technology that is a bit of a thought-provoking. We fall into the technology, because everyone wants to "create new things" or "Data-Driven", one of the most important skills in the business writing is behind. But there’s one thing to watch out for. You don’t need to become a professional writer (read two times). I don’t think of myself as a writer.

I wrote many things may be English professional or by AP (Associated Press), The Associated Press) as a guide to the style of writing style torn.

nowadays, as a marketer, the most neglected (I think important) ability is copywriting.

"here’s a simple technique that allows more people to read what you write: Paul in Graham

the easiest way to make business writing better is not to adopt a business writing style. "Seth Godin

"let the real reader follow our thoughts. At the same time, we should try our best to convey the information clearly. "Ali Mese

customer driven (Customer-Driven) copywriter planning

in this article, we refer to it as a client driven copywriter.

We are

messages sent to both the landing page copy or the description text anyway, all we write must be according to our customers to understand and care about the way to write.


we always try and ask ourselves these questions:

why would anyone care about my copy,


what information does he get for clients to read my copy?

how do you describe a copy of a copy of a coffee to a friend, or you go to a stranger in a bar to tell it?.