How did my company get killed by the nternet

Internet has affected all walks of life, as business owners want to seize the opportunity of the Internet, so that bigger and stronger. After all, who do not want to earn more money, but the money did not make money, the Internet is There are plenty of people who play dead.

at noon today, the owner of a company, Kunming chatted about the guardian, want to consult the Internet is necessary and play it: in 13 years started to play the electricity supplier, electricity supplier is responsible for a few waves, team indeed dug a lot of talent, in three years it has been a loss of tens of millions.


guardian Yuan Kun do not know what the majority of companies involved in the Internet, but I really see a lot of companies involved in the Internet a lot of investment but get the opposite result. Of course, each company’s factors are different, there are differences in the reasons for the failure, but in the end it is only a few points.

companies have not been able to play the reasons for the Internet has said many times, we are persuaded to do the Internet, where the user where our marketing. Admittedly, these statements are true, then where are we wrong? How to contact the Internet is rarely mentioned.

Remember the

in the PC Internet era, a website has become a lot of enterprise standard, of course, is now so. But why not a few people do but say clearly: because peers do, because others are doing, so I have to do. Today, there are a lot of Companies in Wuhan to recruit a large number of sales staff, the phone is working every day business owners: you should do a website.

Internet really do, I believe this is a consensus. However, how to do the problem has led to a different direction: build team or do small companies which have money? Please go to the personnel, the cost is too high which can build the team? If you do not do that, if learning is a good choice.


flow of the three teachers do not say, a teacher talk, teacher class both can say. Many business owners reported a lot of training, participated in a lot of Sharon, the truth is the second most meet the teacher: do direct sales, training, read a few books. Anyway, no one did something, talk about the trend, thinking about.

enterprises to participate in training to go home or do not know where to start, every day to give yourself extremely excited: I want to do the internet. Meet the first-class teacher, guardian Yuan Kun suggested to find a three flow teacher is also a good choice, at least he did things out. We learn to imitate, and then break through innovation.

is now the mobile Internet era, there are new things every day. For the marketing of new gameplay endless, but really nothing to do with the company. Why is this the most fundamental problem is that the foundation is not good.

is like today’s popular live, net red, see the micro electricity supplier so fire, see others through the live to sell products, this really >