Online customer service is the basis of network marketing

we continue to spread the seeds, constantly to do a lot of work in order to allow enterprises to develop faster work at the same time.

when the harvest, we forgot to get filled fruit, forget the last start! Here, online customer service is a real let the traffic flow into sales, let your customers never: come and go in a hurry.

at present, many enterprises are keen to login through search engines, buy web network real name means of brand promotion and marketing activities, the promotion measures also can bring significant traffic for the enterprise website. However, network marketing is a "one on one" two-way interactive communication. This is a consumer oriented non mandatory, so for the enterprise, how to become a web site visitors to enterprise users, is also a vital task. The enterprise website online customer service system and the visitors to communicate directly, can effectively attract and retain them, and ultimately will be converted to enterprise users, thereby maximizing the benefits of network marketing.

the ultimate purpose of the Internet is nothing more than tap potential customers, improve sales performance. To achieve these goals, nature can not be separated from the promotion and promotion. To sell the products using the Internet (or order) belongs to the field of electronic commerce and the use of the Internet to carry out publicity and promotion is the bounden duty of network marketing.

has a lot of companies that publish some product information in some e-commerce sites, or do a website to display products and services, will be able to wait for the customer to the door, easy realization of E-commerce — not by some electronic commerce website advertising deceived, many enterprises proved this road is not feasible, most the company released the information No one shows any interest in enterprise website, which fully shows that the electronic commerce body and shadow comforting each other, no network marketing is just castles in the air.

some enterprise or individual Adsense through network marketing a lot of the implementation of the "flow" inevitably, but still can not be pleased with oneself, increase sales success. After a lot of enterprises to promote access to traffic, but also the loss of white. Most of the case is due to poor online services.

we must first understand the keep visitors is following the network marketing, to know the potential customer was brought after if not properly "entertain" them, "attract" they are going to, and do not take a cloud". Relevant survey data show that: more than 95% of the visitors (potential customers) after browsing the corporate Web site, are not active contact with the enterprise, that is to say, every day we are losing the opportunity of 95%. The key to developing e-commerce is to lock the current potential customers, through convenient online customer service system for real-time online services, in order to achieve the transformation of potential customers, and ultimately get orders. For example, now more popular Ruyi 800 online customer service software, you can achieve free communication, visitors do not need to install any plug-in, you can communicate online, >