Elaborate crafts and gifts industry website in the network marketing mistakes

in the handicraft industry, more and more people are talking about network marketing, more and more enterprises engaged in the network, although there is a large company, but there is also a small business trail, more and more books and articles on the techniques and methods of network marketing, the bookstore on marketing books, on the network marketing was placed the most eye-catching, more and more consulting, marketing company solemn to the enterprise create marketing programs, all signs of almost all in that position in the whole network more and more important for commercial activities.

however, we are doing network marketing at the same time, it seems that we are lack of awareness of network security. A website from planning, construction, and then to the operation and promotion, spent a lot of time and effort, the investment was amazing. Moreover, the site can store a large number of corporate secrets, customer confidentiality, once stolen, the loss can be imagined. In fact, far more than that, the malicious intrusion can make the site paralyzed, so before several years of effort that no exaggeration to be destroyed on one day.

I summed up the malicious invasion of the site’s harm:

1, loss of corporate image;

2, the loss of important documents or information;

3, causing cross virus spread, and spread to the visitor’s computer;

, 4 years of marketing to be destroyed on one day;

5, search engine has refused to include this site, corporate network platform completely destroyed.

now look at the handicraft industry website in the enterprise network marketing mistakes, to Tiangongfang as an example, let’s take a look at Tiangongfang mistakes in the handicraft industry: look at the code:

< div class=td2 style=" font-size:30%" >

      < a href=" http://s.*.com" style=" font-size=30%; color=#000" > < /a>

; Shenzhen yellow pages;

    < a href=" http://s.*.com" style=" font-size=30%; color=#000" >   /a>

; <

      < a href=" http://s.*.com" style=" font-size=30%; color>