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this article should have a name: Grassroots webmaster and grassroots breakout".

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, not long ago, I saw an internal information, one of the stories caught my attention, this story is about a network sales genius Geoff · the story of Paul.

Geoff · Paul wrote a book "how to wear underwear sitting at the kitchen table every day to earn $4000", see this title, give a person feel unbelievable feeling, even as a joke. But surprisingly, Geoff · Paul is really done, his basement and the first sister huddled in a rented room, but half a year later, he wore underwear sitting at home, you can earn $4000, but now he has become a millionaire.

what is the bottom of this book, I did not see, also did not find this book. A man called Shilisidian Americans began to try to earn money while on the network, will be a lot of money on advertising, he said: "I in order to increase website hits like a slave to work hard, maybe I used strategies are all wrong, I always try to sell my website to the customer. My product, although the website hits increase, but rarely received orders."

until Shilisidian see "how to wear underwear sitting at the kitchen table every day to earn $4000" after this book, suddenly felt themselves, he tried a new approach in the book, apply these skills to the Internet, his income has soared, but this seems to have happened overnight, 12 months later, he made the crude website generated revenues of $115476.12 for him.

the grassroots of the common people in the United States

you may want to know how they do, I also want to know, but there was no answer, with Geoff · Paul doubt, I go to go on the website of the United States, I am very sorry that my English is poor, although the year of junior high school English teacher or Chinese, but still do badly also, I can only help the translation software, to understand how the American populace in the online business, spent about four months on the time, finally make clear the general situation of the American civilian online rich problem.

Americans are really lucky, they want to make money on the Internet is too convenient, such as how to use Google AdSense to make money, there are dozens of hundreds of different versions of e-books >