The importance and methods of original video content

this is the third article I wrote on A5, finished each time, gains is quite big, because they never will clear thinking so, hear other Adsense said after reading my article is inspired, let me feel happy.

I’m not a technical webmaster, will not give you too many technical aspects of things. In a lot of years to do with the webmaster friends exchange, I also found that technology is not the most important, it is important that your thinking. The 2 article in front of me is mainly from the positioning of the website and website should hold the mentality perspective, I intend to speak the most honest, the most practical, the most valuable thing — the content of the web site. I’m going to use a series of articles to tell about these things.

talk about the importance of video content –

two years ago, I did our school forum, purely out of interest. At that time, I do not know SEO, do not care about what the traffic, as a matter of fact, I have proved that the idea is very correct. At that time in the Baidu search our school, the first is the school’s official website, the second is my forum. Unfortunately, last year went to Guangzhou to find a job is not stable let me not adhere to the site down, domain names were snatched by others, I intend to this year when such domain name expires to come back, so I won’t disclose the domain name.

at that time, I did the only promotion is video, these anti chain is still exist. My domain name is now PR or 3!

video is valuable lies in his scarcity. Now in the form of video promotion is still relatively small, in addition to the "prophetic vision" QQ chat sites, Youtube and Youku have a lot of this video. Because it is less, so that people will feel precious, will treasure, as if we like the classic Jin Yong martial arts drama are 80, the 90 version of the same, because at that time can look at the TV series is really less ah.

video is valuable lies in his originality. You copy the content of others that copy, modify the name pseudo original, you put a few articles into the video, it is out and out of the original. Is this what we want,


video is valuable because of its irreplaceable. You have an original article, others immediately took away, a little modification of the content has become their own, do not feel wronged, because at the beginning of the station we do so. Video resources are not the same as you, clear signs, no matter where others are reproduced, have your logo. Watching movies more people must remember BT5156, every one of them released on the video, there are clear signs.

valuable video is his dissemination. Early in the time it was demonstrated that the video is a combination of words, sounds and pictures, more attractive, more easily spread. This does not need us to study, know his >