Ali merchants also ushered in a wave of listed service providers turn to sing the protagonist

services market has gathered tens of thousands of service providers and service providers, Taobao and Tmall to provide services for tens of millions of years, the transaction size of billions. They play not only the role of entrepreneurs, but also to participate in social construction of the new army.

winter solstice Yang rifles and 23000 Tim passing. Despite the recent Shanghai suffered a cold air invasion, but the enthusiasm of the capital has become increasingly hot.

, in order to deeply understand the prosperity of ecological electricity supplier service providers on the capital market the new understanding and solve business demands, "the Alibaba to be listed on the stock exchange service provider visits and seminars will be held in Shanghai on December 28th.

then, Shanghai leaders, top economists, listed service providers on behalf of, well-known investment bank, dozens of industry elite will gather to innovation and entrepreneurship, promote employment and ecological prosperity "as the theme, as Ali service providers successfully docking capital market brainstorming.

Han are clothes homes, three squirrels, the United States group, the taste of the west, the house…… These for having heard it many times of the Amoy brand, the label is not limited to the electricity supplier star, a chapter of Duan Xin but the capital market opening. Also, as a perennial service to tens of thousands of Amoy brand service providers, from the backstage, even into the exchange hall, but also their lofty vision.

, according to the Alibaba business services ecosystem white paper, the history of e-commerce transaction services can be traced back to more than and 10 years ago, it is almost accompanied by the growth of China’s e-commerce. At the beginning of 2003, trading services, trading platform as the core of the industry was born, and the rapid rise.

in particular, Alibaba group’s business services market as a representative of the platform and service providers to integrate the development of the service provider ecosystem. At present, the multi platform frequent interaction between service providers communicate more fully competitive and innovative emerge in an endless stream, forming a huge "eco business services", to provide for the hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers of rich and colorful service.

currently has gathered tens of thousands of service providers and service market, Taobao and Tmall to provide services for tens of millions of sellers, the annual trade provides billions, including shop decoration, photography, traffic promotion, merchandise management, order management, internal management, staff package and other related services and tools for hundreds of thousands of.


data show that in 2015 the market service "service application" transaction size growth rate of 144.5%, including customer service outsourcing, photography, consulting services, recruitment, training, quality inspection and quality control of customized design has become a new growth point of the scale.

after several years of time, has emerged with a certain scale and brand influence of brand service providers, such as beauty beautiful makeup, beauty, power and other hi Deng technology. It has also made a significant contribution to the promotion of the electricity business ecology and social benefits, and is perfectly integrated with the social vision of "new retail", "innovation" and "entrepreneurship"