Double eleven electricity supplier Haoxiliantai do in sleep


] East interpretation electricity supplier price Friday dikaidizou. Share price fell as high as 30%, as of the close, shares plunged $13.6 to $26.96%. The reason is that fell on Friday released third quarter results notice that third quarter revenue this year is expected to be 8 billion 600 million yuan to 8 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 61% to 63%; and had expected third quarter revenue of 9 billion 100 million yuan to 9 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 71% to 74%.

investors have invested in the consolidation of the data comparison, said the weather is bad, and Ali earnings growth of 6% QoQ GMV, revenue growth of $9%.’s earnings forecast, the third quarter growth of -4%. Uncertainty in performance led to panic, leading to stock prices plummeted. While the stock of the thing that is not clear, but can say’s business situation, only supply business and investor reference.

double eleven war, in what? A 3 fold increase of

eleven near Ali and Jingdong in the apparel category, when fought bitterly, is not what action. The former Jingdong colleagues are anxious over the East, has been asked why is not a little action? Don’t give up the double eleven, will have an impact on fourth quarter results. Because she is a loyal user of, but also bought a lot of shares.

former colleagues must also doubt all investors doubt, brother to say is a dual eleven day sales grew 3 times. is a sales model, naturally prepared in advance of the eleven double stocking. Most people see is the level of public relations war slobber, but the real rivalry is the supply chain logistics preparation.

every year will participate in the double eleven big promotion, it should do business, not stupid give up such a good opportunity to double eleven. will not exception, key consumer clothing is ten a user. This year, for the double 11 stocking in fact as early as in September the bottom has been completed. In addition to taking into account the previous three months 10-12 months accounted for more than half of the annual sales of more than 30%, as the focus of the development of cross-border electricity supplier business, stocking is usually more than 3 times a month. Jingdong and Tmall clothing are open platform model, that is one of two in the commodity was forced off the shelf without countermeasures. But’s own direct mining control of goods, not too much by Ali one of two stand effects. In addition, positioning is a low price discount brands, many even far below the half off Tmall said. eleven performance of how to do? Ali ‘s glory almost overshadowed all the performance of other electricity providers, Jingdong can only speak of their own orders during the double period of eleven year on year growth of 130%. According to the East known data is double 11 sales volume is 3 times last year. 4 hours ahead of the peak sales, sold almost 10 hours later had sales over the same period last year, while the mobile terminal turnover accounted for more than 80%. According to Tencent