High end food and beverage consumption concept change rice network into the group buying market

joint telecommunications agency / Beijing – the most popular topic nowadays Internet is large as tide Limited group purchase website, this website offers online low discount goods or services, mainly in restaurants, bars, SPA and other local consumer services, discounts are usually very low, ranging from 90 percent off to 50 percent off, and even some in the following ninety percent off. The first Chinese restaurant online booking site Fantong in early May quietly launched a group purchase business "rice and vegetable roll tuan.fantong.com. The line is only a few weeks, the cumulative number of orders group purchase nearly 10000, this month in Shanghai, Guangzhou Railway Station has started at the end of rice and vegetable roll line. Pointed out that rice Unification CEO Zang Li brought in how to deal with the impact of the market in the motley group purchase group purchase, "Chinese army will soon enter the final stage of service quality, group purchase market will have a large-scale reshuffle. Rice and vegetable roll will continue to uphold the Fantong service concept, to provide first-class user experience and high-quality local life group purchase service to the public."

Fantong CEO Zang Li think the group purchase website to China development and service level can be divided into four grades.

is one of the most bottom level is the traditional goods online shopping website, focus on cosmetics, clothing, small appliances and other household goods group purchase service, promotion mode most of them is the ultra low price by the fantastic or even lose money to attract users attention, such as the introduction of 1 yuan and -100 yuan group purchase activities, the purpose is in the short term rapid accumulation of the number of members. The third level is the current industry accounted for most of the "Groupon" new group, because of low cost and low threshold Groupon model is easy to imitate, the emergence of a large number of the group purchase website limited as like as two peas in just a few months, these sites do not support gold wind investment, no previous customer resource accumulation, easily lead to high operation cost under the line of business. The channel control force difference. Many users of these sites in the group purchase a service, in the consumer often encounter a variety of problems, such as the telephone booking service, food quality decline Quejinduanliang, price drop. Business to consumer provide a level of service greatly reduced, far below the expectations of consumers, only dahushangdang.

second echelon is the U.S. group, handle, 24 coupons this venture favored website, they have enough capital for market promotion, will be the site of frequent exposure to public view, the development and the number of channels under the line of its users have good performance. The site is also available to buy a variety of content, from Japanese cuisine, yoga classes, concerts to outdoor living CS, covering almost all aspects of the consumer life. In the early stages of the development of the industry, they are facing the biggest challenge is how to stand out from the homogenization of services, increase user stickiness, improve user transfer costs, get rid of the embarrassing situation of consumers to leave the finished.

through the wide north user research, Fantong found that consumers of group purchase service requirements have changed from the pursuit of low-cost services like a swarm of bees to selectively buy professional services. Consumers trust more vertical professional website to buy products. Like rice