What do we do when there is no business

tip: no pictures in this text, words are more, from the author’s heart, interested please read patiently, I believe will help you. (a lot of experience is exclusive)

many small sellers have this experience, to store fewer people, to send a person a few days often ask for a long time without a single business, many did not feel boring when, what to do, I was puzzled, do not know what to do, what good. Such a situation is very bad, people are empty, and no sense of accomplishment, a long time is very easy to do nothing, and want to give up.

I also have such a situation, it is difficult, especially for full-time shop friends, pressure, the heart is very anxious, but there is no way to cry without tears, and then worry about the customer will not come ah!

this article I brewing for a long time now to write out, are all feeling. How can you make your time more substantial, so that you feel a little sense of accomplishment, even if there is no single transaction, do these things, your heart will be a little practical.

there is a more classic slogan, called "strengthen their own construction, expand foreign propaganda" do business is the truth, open Taobao shop is also the idea. So we’re talking about these two aspects.

first, strengthen their own construction

can be understood from two aspects, one is to improve their own personal qualities; the two is to get their own shop a little beautiful.

1, improve personal qualities

open shop to use a lot of software, such as PHOTOSHOP, light and shadow magic hands, FLASH, Dreamweaver, CorelDRAW and so on, when the shop decoration may be used. Why not take advantage of the time to find some information to learn it, even if the future does not open the Taobao store, the software to learn a few, just find a 3000 yuan / month or more work should not be difficult.


software well, after the shop can be their own decoration, how to install on how to install, do not spend money everywhere, still have to ask, does the thing is not what you want. Save money, but also learned the skills.

online has a lot of related tutorials, and some video tutorials, I am more often on the "I want to self-study network", which is more content.

addition, in addition to learning something related to Taobao shop, you can also look at other aspects of the book, after all, Taobao is not all of our lives. Aspect of life to cultivate personal sentiment, improve personal accomplishment is also good, it can be regarded as a kind of relaxation of tension. Diligent point can bring their own experiences to write in my blog to share some of my friends are very good. (about the benefits of blogging, I’ll talk about it, please note)

I personally prefer to look at the management aspects of the book, to increase the dream of being a manager, too