All passengers aged CEO good B2C and not due to tattle and prate down.


Eslite founder Vintage (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) December 15th news, recently said the tortured chairman and CEO today for the aged Eslite VANCL become the focus of the industry, good B2C do not believe tattle and prate.

The old

believes that the user experience is the only standard to evaluate the brand of e-commerce, e-commerce website evaluation of brand is the consumer should not be other people. If there is a problem with the electronic business platform, the first should be criticized should be consumers, consumers are an important factor in the assessment of electronic business platform.

recently for the outside world to every guest’s doubts, Chen said, the growth of new users and two purchase is the most important, these are needed to support the service products. Chen pointed out that electronic commerce is a long chain of industries. It integrates the traditional commercial Invoicing, front-end manufacturing, logistics and distribution, etc.. Behind every guest launched the 30 days no reason to return, door to try every detail of the upgrade, need a lot of departments, a lot of people to complete.

said the old, his 11 years of business, from the first day no doubt e-commerce company’s value, see every day on the road so much of the delivery staff, each office so much express box, you should not doubt, these are the most practical, see. "This is going back to what I said at the beginning of the day, such a question and question, for we have done in this industry for so many years, it is a shame. Have I done anything that I’ve done over the last 11 years, and I’ve been doing this for about 11 years, and is it worthwhile to look back on what I’ve been doing for the last 11 years? "

for what is the value of the electricity supplier, aged said, a brand problem, first evaluation of consumers, as consumers choose to abandon the best evaluation, also from consumers, but not the others. provides preferential prices, where the customer provides value, high-quality fashion style, this is the value of. Chen said at last, good B2C not because of cross tattle and prate.

It is reported that

, with resistance and vice president Wu Sheng listed (micro-blog) turnover, we fall into the vortex of public opinion, there are rumors that once the sales is still not enough to maintain "VANCL marketing costs, the cumulative deficit may exceed 2 billion". The old is the initiative announced that all passengers claimed to have obtained a $230 million F round of financing in 5 months ago, and this round of the main party voted for the CITIC Industrial Fund, Kerry Group, temasek.

is a rare vintage active media interview, said that if we can get to the scoring, said a pass, despite the current public opinion where the customer is in dilemma, you still control the rhythm of love. "I haven’t let one thing with me completely into a quagmire, I must first clean up wind sways grass."