The electricity supplier delivery market later SF do not want to price war

Chen Shanshan

in the courier industry always go tall on a line of SF EXPRESS, recently began to frequently exposed self-worth and grab the market, grab the previous company covered not much electricity supplier delivery market.

began in mid May, SF launched a lot for the electricity supplier courier products, including "electric match" and "SF box" and "shangmeng Hui", "Easy Access" etc.. One of the most eye-catching is the "SF box", if the cargo volume within 1200cm3, weight less than 200g, you can enjoy the preferential price of city 8 yuan, provincial price 12 yuan, delivery price was reduced by 30% compared with ordinary express sf.

, however, rely on the market to deliver electricity price rush ", and can not get the SF EXPRESS electricity supplier logistics division vice president Gong Tao agreed," even if the price of some products compared to the ordinary SF Express has preferential price, but in fact than the electricity supplier in the market accounted for the bulk of the delivery according to the "three up" price is higher we do not want to, the price war in the electricity supplier delivery market competition." In an interview with the first Financial Daily reporters, Gong Tao said.

This is the official

SF electricity supplier sector, the first positive response to the industry on the SF market concerns force electricity supplier delivery. Gong Tao revealed that SF really speed up electricity supplier delivery market, and has set up a separate division and focus on expanding force, emphasis will continue to focus the attention of the SF at the service time, stable and cost-effective customer.

however, compared with the traditional express market more standardized, more diverse needs and complex business delivery market for SF, indeed has been regarded as the "successor", and SF head Wang Wei is not anxious, a detailed examination of the electricity supplier division, also does not have the scale and revenue KPI index.

testing customer requirements

SF people feel for the first time to deliver the market "plot" in the electricity supplier, or the last "double 11" on-line "supplier special delivery of goods, if the monthly volume of up to 2000 tickets, you can get a preferential price equivalent to ordinary courier SF 6~7 discount.

Gong Tao told reporters, "not" supplier special good luck in a short promotional double 11 ", first try, but SF force electricity providers until now," supplier special products still exist, and through the refinement of customer needs, improve service standards, the company based on "supplier special", new the "business matching" and "SF box" and "shangmeng Hui", "Easy Access" and "Hui" series of products, to meet the different needs of customers business segments.

for example, some small businesses can be combined within 500 meters of the friends, "shangmeng Hui" in the form of spell, to meet the "supplier special" and "business matching" to achieve the requirements, if the bulk of the goods sent to the Department of business or in transition, SF can also open up a "green".