2012 e-commerce will be a turning point in the electricity supplier industry

e-commerce industry in the rapid development in 2011, from a large number of well-known enterprises involved, like Baidu, BELLE, 3G, Sina, Japan’s mobile electronic commerce, anti risk ability and technical strength they have a short period of time. The electronic commerce industry both in hardware or in software with significantly speed up the pace of the Chinese commerce department made it clear that the vigorous development of the Internet e-commerce, the government also attaches great importance to the various provinces and cities, such as Shenzhen city and Shanghai city were put forward to build the Internet base, to promote the local economy by using Internet technology.

At present,

e-commerce in Chinese the overall level compared with the developed country still has a considerable distance, such as in the United States, retail electricity supplier is higher than that of traditional retail sales, but in the China retail industry is the traditional industry of king, and now the development phase when fast, Suning Appliance, Lining, Rainbow Department store the chain significantly accelerated the pace of their business has always been popular.

2012 is coming, the electronic commerce enterprise is mostly a high-profile appearance, but in the real social practice training, the final winner is king. Integration of the Internet in various industries, such as viscous strengthened, the rise of micro-blog, the community website hot, through the integration of micro-blog and business community, netizens each shuttle in various platforms, so as to improve business visibility. 2010 and Dangdang in 2011, listed on the website, such as happy network, as well as the electricity supplier industry has been highly concerned about the venture capital, there is often a news website to get a huge amount of capital. As of November 23rd Cronin get 20 million yuan venture capital, as if the entire Internet Chinese hit a shot in the arm, so as to enhance the confidence and determination to do e-commerce. But due to the large influx of business, according to the Dongguan Ministry of information industry was informed that Guangdong will soon launch a company heavily to build the ETS ETS mall, and may be in line before the end of the year. Want to use e-commerce as a springboard for enterprises, forecast in mid 2012 or at the end of the year will be the peak of e-commerce competition, some e-commerce sites closed or merged is an inevitable trend.

The comprehensive strength of a

electronic commerce website requirements are very high, 1 enterprise funds; 2 management personnel construction and cohesion of staff; 3 advanced management concept; 4 accurate positioning of the industry and market analysis. These four aspects directly reflect the strong fighting strength of the enterprise is not strong. Electronic commerce in 2012, is not as in previous years, each to compete for the best, such as women’s cosmetics industry popularity, but the enterprise of digging their own industry, good market segments, efforts to develop the service level. At present, due to the overall logistics is not perfect, the logistics field has been plagued by the development of e-commerce, at this stage, as long as who solve the logistics problem, who must be among the best. Le Amoy CEO revealed that the logistics of the input point of the entire cost of more than 10%, you can imagine in this regard, the investment funds are quite large, generally small e-commerce does not have the strength in this regard.