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2011 of the electricity supplier in hot water

2011, winter theory filled the entire electricity supplier companies, the domestic electricity supplier companies in the winter crisis frequently. Many of the business enterprise in the winter nipped in the cradle, similar to the ah mall, July also sell tea, in September the state purchase have curtain call. As the Jingdong store, shop No. 1, where the network of these forming business sites can not resist the cold snap, have taken to charge.

many electricity providers "burning" marketing, not only can not be out of business electricity supplier war whirlpool, but fall into another dilemma. Many e-commerce companies marketing costs far beyond the sales, do 100 dollars advertising costs, only bring sales of $10. The major electricity supplier layoffs also frequently came from the beginning of the year to the end of the year to recruit people crazy. For example: where the customer, Wo Wo Group etc..

at the same time, relying on the platform of foreign companies rely on the advantages of foreign products market, climbed to the top of the electricity supplier". However, this product sustenance form, can not guarantee the product, in terms of quality has been shrinking, thus frequently appear slow to goods, product quality issues, consumer fraud and other complaints.

winter is really cold in the winter, the relevant analysis, the electricity supplier enterprises are facing the test of the winter, the gradual maturity of its business model, the momentum of the 2012 electricity supplier will be more rapid.

electricity supplier outlook immeasurable

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Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center test data show that as of December 2011, Chinese e-commerce market transactions amounted to 6 trillion, an increase of 33%. Which B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 900 billion, an increase of 29%. Overall stable development trend. Domestic B2C, C2C and other online retail class electricity supplier model number of enterprises has reached 20750, an increase of 43.1%.


China Electronic Commerce Research Center predicts that in the next few years, China’s e-commerce service industry will usher in the golden age of its development.

at present, the Internet is in the era of information explosion, the total amount of more than one hundred million of the global network, each site is born an average of a new web page every day. Electricity supplier in the winter period, many new business enterprise development along the new direction, sales to vertical brand products to enter, for example: lighter Zippo mall, it is based on the market segmentation and the head of the marketing advantages, made some small success in the field of electronic business. Analysts predict that in the next 5 to 10 years, the vertical class website will usher in a wave of development.

to create its own brand can be based on

vertical class electricity supplier website presents two major trends, the first is bigger platform, this type of site to gather all kinds of brand management, brand diversification to attract customers