ndependent foreign trade electricity supplier in China B2B market next opportunity

The development of electronic commerce in foreign trade

has been 20 years, can be said to be the Internet industry in the earliest development of the industry, foreign trade e-commerce is the founder of the development of the Internet is not an exaggeration, because in the vast majority of Internet Co do not know how to make money in foreign trade, electronic commerce has been profitable, and was the first to realize the scale the development of profitable industry. There are too many places worthy of our aftertaste and summary.

homeopathy and health development of the foreign trade business origin

2000 China after joining WTO, all under the right to import and export trade, the choice of a large number of private enterprises to join in the foreign trade industry, the same problem that enterprises have to face, is how to find overseas buyers? The final solution to this problem is the "Internet", through the Internet to find buyers. Therefore, the foreign trade of electronic commerce in the subsequent will have a rapid pace of development, has attracted numerous attention, thus the birth of the service industry’s three giants – Alibaba, global resources, China manufacturing. For a time, foreign trade e-commerce began its glorious era.

, however, since the second half of 2008, China foreign trade industry by the global financial turmoil, the overall development in the doldrums, into survival predicament, from the foreign trade company to the factory, to the foreign trade business platform, were involved. Foreign trade e-commerce is no longer unlimited scenery, but had entered the winter, with annual growth rate of 100-200% changed to 10-20% growth, marvel. Three big Alibaba, global resources, not only in China’s revenue growth in revenue growth in the amount of customers and visits also appeared zero growth or even negative growth.

model to explore the efforts of innovation never stop

industry market ups and downs, change the pattern of foreign trade business platform, a number of e-commerce enterprises to stop operation, which was undoubtedly the most talked about Tootoo net. In 2009, China first Nasdaq stock market Nine Network Technology Group Limited announced that the suspension of Tootoo net of its business. He mentioned after the 9 cities group CEO Wang double summary, "in 2006 to enter the market, can not be said to be wrong, but at least in the early, often escape from being exhausted on the fate of destruction." Tootoo is a martyr, but they used the search mode, can the positive effect that the development of the whole foreign trade electricity supplier; including the "quality as the core of the TQS evaluation system", to overseas buyers suppliers credit plays a strong guarantee.

if the survival of the fittest, innovation has been evolving in this industry continues to play, then the interpretation of the script is the exploration of the model. Everyone in the search and try to find out what kind of model is more suitable for this industry. In the past ten years, this is not a public concern industry to pay a considerable cost, light of investment funds has more than $100 million, there are a large number of professional team has been in-depth study for how to change foreign trade e-commerce model. < >