Consumer credit consumption electricity supplier price war into the dead

a war, but with hitherto unknown influence, life from the Internet for the development of an unprecedented scale jump, consumption credit dispute, Chen Yijiu pawn the curtain finally in 6· 18 day then opened, what flow finally proved.

platform to play the leading role on both sides is not good to do


as the mall platform, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Gome will only think of their own stores to make how prosperous, how to attract huge traffic, anyway as long as make loud, popular to suction, others have to say. As a result, these platform makers think to lobby for the supplier side concessions, side try to consumer attention together.

yes, platform providers as a middleman, singing on both sides do not do, but not the blind pursuit of their own interests, low price. The author was informed that ASUS’s dissatisfaction with the ultra low price of Jingdong suspended its supply, although this is a speculation in some sense, but it does expose the contradiction between the price war platform providers and suppliers. As the mall system provider, 366EC market department revealed to the author: "surfaced let mall platform operation of the road to the massive illegal price war, because price confusion grappling caused the entire manufacturing industry chain price system and the demand system disorder, the healthy development of the whole industry will eventually interfere."

from the Jingdong, Dangdang and other vertical class platform provider to comprehensive platform change after a time, almost all of the platform are to a large and the direction, the price war played loud, but hard to store data "blowout" phenomenon, the homogenization of competition is becoming increasingly serious, blind competition and rivalry abuse will business platform pulled into a dead end, there is no clear positioning of the mall platform is difficult to sustainable development. The response of the price war is better than once. This also reflects the contradiction between business and consumer platform to a certain extent, in the face of the growing homogenization of competition of the mall, consumers do not know where the consumer, rather than to the store, can at least know where to buy things only.

gimmick more fatigued do it

price war has been one strategy business, such as double eleven, twelve, "8·" 6· 15 "and this year; 18" the complexity of the electricity supplier promotional price war bombing, led to the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, many consumers even mentioned the "price war" have shook his head and roar: "dare to play I learned new tricks?", the Chengdu Daily reporter to about 10 of the electricity supplier in Chengdu asked for 6· feel 18 price war "the most responsible for that, as of yesterday, from around 17 of the situation," the cold than expected". The first half of June and make the "slobber war" with vigour and vitality in stark contrast, it seems no matter gimmick more again, the fatigue bombing consumers will not buy it easily.

"price war will bring"