Buy the battlefield is the basis of big marketing is relying on services

too many network group purchase dizzying, a wave of boom ignited consumer online shopping group purchase group purchase enthusiasm, atmosphere is strong, not only consumers enjoy preferential prices, businesses also get enough profit from online shopping, especially those without promotion take weekdays businesses have invested in group purchase also hope to share a cup of this soup, only the promotion form so that users can pay. We have to admit that consumers enjoy the preferential price, this attractive enough to play the leverage principle hold up half the sky of consumption, but frequently appear in the corresponding low prices and low quality products, low level service, let a lot of consumer spending after the first off. This one-time consumption is also difficult to bring online marketing methods, resulting in the increasing cost of marketing. Facing the massive consumer complaints a group purchase enterprises, on the other hand, businesses face tough pressure in this dilemma, many small group purchase enterprises face a crisis at a loss, did not deal with the interests of consumers and businesses, and went bankrupt. Therefore, not only to consider the fundamental interests of consumers, so that they pick up confidence in online shopping. On the other hand, how to buy companies to promote the development of operations is also what we need to think, below, I will explore the following two aspects of the effective marketing of online shopping companies:

online shopping companies use a variety of media to promote the site with

uses television as a powerful medium to deliver corporate branding. I was impressed with Ge You’s handle network television advertising, celebrity advertising is easy to let the consumer trust, love is a three-dimensional strengthen brand benefit. Of course, in addition to television advertising, and get in by every opening, other media, including daily life we us around the car that what one sees and hears, such as traffic tools have body advertising, advertising on the station, car video advertising, often stimulate the nerves of consumers through a variety of media advertising, multi-directional stereo presentation not only show the company’s the brand value, but also very easy to influence consumer buying behavior.

at the same time, buy companies also focus on promoting favorable news to maintain the brand, enhance brand awareness and recognition. This network media has occupied a large group of users in the major portals, forums, communities and other potential users gathering place, online shopping enterprises through communication network group purchase positive news and other invisible propaganda to increase trust of consumers.

a variety of network promotion with

1 to overcome the shortcomings of a single promotion.

network users can through the major search engines such as Baidu or Google group purchase site navigation two common methods for group purchase website, of course, recognized by the users, the user will put the group purchase site collection together, to prepare for the next purchase is fast access. So, mainly to pay for advertising promotion mainly in these two places. The advantages of paid marketing is to rapidly improve the site rankings, website visibility, can be described as a shortcut to promote. However, this form is tantamount to burn is not the general network group purchase can bear. >