ron kite teach you to earn 500 knives ($two)

a few days before the tutorial is hang up GG the school do Wangzhuan tutorial, written in more detail, in fact, is not suspected of cheating. Because Baidu is also the flow of traffic to you, the school network to your traffic is also traffic. But today, I have to write this tutorial there is no suspicion of cheating I do not do a good job. The first statement, I write something not directly encourage you to go my way, but published tutorial you can serve as a reference, you can learn by analogy. Don’t scold me for what happened. I was very unhappy about the last thing.

we usually stand for a lot of ways to try to promote, network publicity are also aware of the traffic flow to do a lot of publicity, often go to places also know. But I do not know if you have ignored a place –QQ chat room.

there’s a piece of land, the flow of every day you all dare not to think, a room for scores of people, how many have QQ chat room? How many people have a day out? And the people who go there are usually boring people. It’s all about people with a certain desire, and all you have to do is take advantage of their desires.

specific operation method:

1,   application of several pure QQ number, sex will be replaced by a girl, a nickname in the permitted range is more temptation better, QQ data written on a lonely, then remember to bring your web address, don’t forget to set all the information people can view. The explanation is the most important part of the flow, the key is to see how you write. There is a subtle effect of implicit, explicit explicit effect, the key is to move the brain, to desire or curiosity.

2,   do a website, it is best to do so let others unknown, so the station, in addition to other people can not understand the webmaster. So you don’t have to mark your stand on that column orientation obviously, you can make a list of articles tens or hundreds of articles, the title of the article can also according to the location of desire and curiosity. After entering the article to see all the school network code. Then your AD can be inserted in the article. If you are good at optimizing the words to optimize the ad, or in the place where you want to avoid the suspect into some beautiful MM photos. Others do not understand that can only do? Just a little bit of your AD. In fact, I said this is just a way, if you use your head can put these pages do neither legal nor in violation of the provisions of GGAD. You can refer to the foreign website.

3,   many QQ number hanging on your application, a number of two can enter the chat room, assuming 10 numbers can enter 20 chat rooms, a chat room a day of high traffic alarming, then 20? But your machine to bear. And check it out from time to time. If you avoid being kicked, then be quiet in there. In fact, a lot of people are going to no one bird, then they will find someone to talk to, find someone to chat with a lot of people have a habit of looking at other people’s information.