Taobao sellers Tucao double 12 one day the whole month

imperceptibly, the calendar turned to the last month of 2014, "double eleven" shopping carnival, express is worn no temper, is the credit card bill push too impatient, buyers haven’t from Tucao mode "recovering network, electricity suppliers are playing a" double two "the idea is" double eleven "after the soaring chargeback rate also really let electricity supplier chill". One is an empty purse, one is to buy in the heart; one side is ready for promotion is wildly beating gongs and drums, while the "dismal days for a prosperous day" to worry about…… This is not about "shuangshier", about, became the most tangled topic.

buyers: "shuangshier" don’t be a pain

Will the

at the end of the 27 year old Yang Lin and longtime girlfriend into the marriage hall, from the beginning of September new home decoration he is currently selected TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and other appliances, said the upcoming "shuangshier" business sales, Yang Lin said, "I am afraid to try."

The original

, early in the new basic decoration before the end, Yang Lin and his girlfriend around the major furniture, to their new home purchase house, then listen to my colleagues said, from the Internet to buy high quality and inexpensive furniture, some of Yang Linye’s heart, "the decoration has exceeded the budget, when buying furniture can save it just save it." Yang Lin said, then, he began a long online shopping "sea election", sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, table and chairs, Mats and other small items, price comparison, reference evaluation, a carefully chosen, he finally targeted, only "double eleven" when the arrival of the order as soon as possible. "When the world single went smoothly, is the original on a shower for payment slower rose more than and 100 yuan, also can accept." Yang Lin said that after the payment is successful, he began a long wait for the process, the original ‘double eleven’ logistics speed is also slow psychological expectations, but did not expect so slow." Until December 3rd, he bought a set of bathroom cabinets or logistics information can not be found, and so Huadu thanks, home appliances is certainly not to buy from the internet."

in addition to being worn no temper beyond the speed of logistics delivery and installation, also let Yang Lin very depressed, the logistics needs from mentioning is big, I am looking for my colleagues to help him up, and to help people find the decoration installation, time-consuming." Yang Lin said, save the money is not enough to invite colleagues to eat it."

When Yang Lin

in the logistics worry, Ma Lin is busy trying to make up for the shortfall in credit card. "Is the" double eleven "blame, don’t buy many things ah, muddleheaded spent thousands of dollars, now look at are not necessities." Ma Lin said that when the courier arrived, she enjoyed a brief happy unpacking, followed by the credit card debt brought melancholy, was too impulsive, see more than the price to buy." Ma Lin said, let her indignation, before she sees a coat, the discount is 500 yuan, to the order she could to "double eleven" discount season, "double eleven" when it hit half off, businesses have the original change >