Taobao sellers brush single brush credibility mailing empty bag

intern reporter Zhang Qianlan

lady who lives in Haidian District high recently encountered a strange thing: he didn’t recently bought something online, but connect to a courier company phone, saying that there is a need to express their own sign. And so on hand, take a look at the packaging, turned out to be an empty box?

reporter learned that, like Ms. Gao received an empty package courier, in fact, a small number of people. According to a Taobao seller said, in order to make out the store products continued to skyrocket and acclaim "phenomenon to attract customers, some bad stores will by courier or special express air bag" network for the "empty package, single brush brush reputation" business, which has become public in the industry "secret".

is worth mentioning is that some courier companies for the grey "business" is also well aware of, and even in some online business specific price tag. However, the State Post Bureau confirmed this behavior is a violation of law, violation of the principle of good faith, before also specifically for this problem were interviewed on the peak, the two express courier company.

boring prank actually quite scary

"at first I thought it was a prank. It was boring. Anyway, it is an empty box, after the demolition will be thrown away." Ms. Gao told reporters, and later in the reminder of colleagues, she suddenly realized that their personal information may be leaked. "The empty box even if, after being sent what sick or how to do something dangerous?" she thought of this, not consciously scared up.

express this is a happy thing, and somehow received an empty package, but how many people do not feel happy. "Who sent me the empty bag? What did you send it to me? Why did you send it to me? How could I have such a detailed personal information?" Ms. Gao’s mind was full of questions. But to feel helpless Ms. Gao, express a single on the left of the sender is a telephone number has been shut down.

is not willing to Miss Gao had to ask this settle a matter by leaving it unsettled to send her a courier, Ms. Gao in persistent questioning, the courier hesitated to tell Ms. Gao: "every day to send pieces when there will be more or less a few empty packages, mostly some stores in order to brush hair empty bag, you sign the end throw on the line, do not bother, do not have to bear the consequences of what." As for how to get the information of the seller is the problem, the courier said, it really is not clear".

reporter survey found that people who have experienced such a few. "Sometimes I get an empty bag, and sometimes I get a few pieces of paper. Heard that the seller is to brush a single brush credibility." Online shopping Master Miss Chi has had several close experience empty packets, has been very knowledgeable, and said, in fact, receive the package itself will not have much impact on the air, they are mainly concerned about the "naked" personal information.

seller brush single brush credit generated empty