Yan Yan electricity supplier based on the flicker is not the main mode of money can not be sustained


Saif Yan (Sina pictures)

main business does not make money and expect to make money from the capital market is unsustainable.

in essence, the platform economy is not necessarily innovation, and further, it is not necessarily a good innovation. Give a very simple example of what we are doing today. The walls of Beijing were torn down by innovation. In fact, from the point of view of life, more than 90% do not need innovation.

in essence, the vast majority of commercial activities is the platform economy. If the Internet based business is derived from the United States, the most simple is the amazon. Most of China is to copy others, the real innovation is not much, but as a developing country does not need so much innovation, because the cost of innovation is very high.

and the main body of the platform economy and the most difficult to do is not under the line. China most are old wine in a new bottle, Alibaba is only slightly creative.

platform economy by cost and policy constraints

China platform economic development, subject to a number of factors, one is the line of traditional economic infrastructure, such as warehousing, logistics. Rather than online things, because it is very low cost, it is better to do, but the line is not very easy.

second is the transaction costs in the real economy activities. Recently we see Jingdong mall 39 yuan of the following products are no longer free shipping. In the current traffic situation in China, you are very difficult to make money.

third is China’s government policy. Basically, China’s economic reform over the past 30 years is a function of government policy. If there is any change in government policy, it will have a huge impact on the development of e-commerce. For example, China’s recent problems with the structure of VIE.

is also an electronic payment, I was the first one to vote UnionPay business, but last year we were out. Because China does not allow foreign qualifications through third party payment license.

main business is not profitable electricity supplier can not be sustained

from several typical e-commerce, China now has three compared to the typical e-commerce.

is the first Alibaba Taobao, he basically is to want to do a department store, so in the Alibaba of the platform, we build their own shops here, I was selling pants, selling shoes, selling odds and ends of sewing can be. Taobao itself does not give you something else, basically you are the emerge of itself and perish of itself.

in electronic commerce the money is vancl.com, it is a brand business, where the customer itself is a brand, we know where to buy a shirt and shoes, and later.