Zhejiang tinsou rural agricultural products supplier can clear the way

is now known to have a platform for the sale of agricultural products, electricity providers, as well as branding two ways, both of which are based on a certain size of land and strong support from the higher authorities of the above two. The Chinese civilization to agriculture thrive in this, be handed down from age to age, the information society, e-commerce can help modern agriculture with new youth, Zhejiang tinsou (http://s.tsou.cn/) according to the survey, part of the information itself and some results are obtained.


one side of the water to produce a characteristic, if able to open the market, cheap local specialty may sell a high price in the distance, and are the best way to direct, it is through the Internet business. As a successful example, located in Gansu city of Longnan county is rich in fresh walnut, since the establishment of County Association of e-commerce marketing, Taobao and micro-blog to trade this way, sharply rising turnover. Since the county fresh walnut 80% of sales from the public media. By the sales of agricultural products is a typical marketing platform, this corresponds to the brand promotion. Branding is also based on the promotion of the retail of the joint, but more stringent management, such as unified procurement, unified management, unified sales, etc.. Brand marketing in the open market, the formation of influence while also saving the cost of each retail.

mobile Internet can be used as the same as the Internet sales channels. Under the influence of the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile commerce has formed a certain scale, agricultural electricity supplier association can also be achieved through the establishment of their own online platform marketing. Zhejiang tinsou (http://s.tsou.cn/) is a professional enterprise service platform shift, there is a need for institutions to provide mobile phone APP development and business outsourcing services, professional development and mode of operation to help financial institutions. There is no doubt that e-commerce can help agricultural products become a new way of agricultural development