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e-commerce: a business activity based on computer networks and effective integration.

e-commerce is the biggest bottleneck of logistics and business integrity

the four largest gold industry in the Internet: e-commerce, online games, portals and search

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, once said: "in twenty-first Century, either

, or no business can be."

local community will be an important strategic area of e-commerce in the future

1, how to find their own e-commerce projects

2, how to develop e-commerce in traditional SMEs

3, how to build efficient e-commerce platform

4, e-commerce website how to effectively promote

5, how to effectively improve the conversion rate of e-commerce sites

6, community e-commerce business strategy

7, B2C e-commerce blue ocean strategy

8, B2C e-commerce website cooperation opportunities

9, e-commerce profit model analysis

10, China’s small and medium enterprises e-commerce development [3G mobile e-commerce]

community experience and display / online and offline interactive sales /DM promotion (B2C marketing several major promotion: network community promotion, call center, Baidu promotion, network group buying, network sales)

about the next 5 years of e-commerce

5 years later, after 80 of all people will enter the mainstream consumer market, the number of Internet users, the number of online consumers, there will be a great growth. 90 is the net generation".

10 years ago

enterprises can not computer 5 years ago, companies can not now website, if an enterprise can not find any information on the Internet, the first suspected credit problems, if not find the enterprise website, immediately suspected strength problem. This is the commercial progress.

C2B era: personality for respect, demand is king

users need what products, to find you to help him customize.

B2C, B2B or C2C breakthrough, China’s next 3-5 years of e-commerce will be detonated C2B, the emergence of large-scale customization.

domestic e-commerce market is mainly B2B (represented by Alibaba), B2C (represented by Dangdang), C2C (Taobao) as the 3 main model, try C2B Business >